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72 Hours in Los Angeles

Frequently misunderstood, often underrated and perennially envied, Los Angeles is a massive, complex metropolis that can hardly be absorbed in a mere 72 hours. Most people think they know the city, whose lifestyle has been romanticized on television and in … Continue reading

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Bad Executive Travel Habits that Kill Your Productivity

In big business, it is vital to save money wherever and whenever you can, and travel can be a real killer when it comes to extra expenditures.  These are some examples of some of the worst mistakes that an executive … Continue reading

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Extremely Useful Travel Tips for Frequent Global Travelers

There are few things in this world as invigorating, exciting, and delightful as traveling to new places. Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or leisure, there is something to be said about going to a new country and … Continue reading

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Best-Kept Secrets for Business Travelers

With the busiest travel season upon us, business travelers hitting the road for summer meetings and events should be aware of what’s to come.  If you are a road warrior you probably know all these from experience, but for those … Continue reading

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Top 4 Power Lunch Restaurants in Los Angeles Area

The “power lunch” is where sales are negotiated, agreements are made, and deals are struck while appetites are sated, often through expense accounts. For occasions like this, a restaurant’s reputation for attracting the best of the business world is just … Continue reading

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5 Travel Tips to Keep Your Balance

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” ~Henry Miller Travel time management tips that really work and are practical are hard to come by.  Whatever your destination, travel can be either restful and relaxing … Continue reading

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Top reasons to fly on a private jet

Which is more valuable – time or money? As it turns out, if you can save one, you can save the other. Private jets are a way to make that win-win happen. With daily lives having tighter deadlines and more … Continue reading

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6 Iconic Cars from the Movies

When a vehicle eclipses the flesh-and-bone actors and becomes the superstar of a film, that’s when it’s a great movie car. There are dozens of memorable cars in film, iconic ones inspire car culture and influence a generation. In the … Continue reading

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The ultimate experience – Calm, Cool and decidedly Continental

Espousing the idea of quiet luxury, Exclusive Sedan is thrilled to announce its latest addition to the fleet. A vehicle that was designed to focus more on the passengers rather than performance, with intentions of offering a more pleasurable traveling … Continue reading

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Managing Your Office from the Road

As a business owner who travels, one of the biggest challenges you face is keeping the office running seamlessly when you are away. Even if you manage to take some time off to vacation with the family, there is always … Continue reading

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