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Apps For Combating Jet Lag

limo service los angeles, LA limo service, sedan service los angeles, sedan serviceWhen you travel to distant locations for business, do you find that the effects of jet lag are so powerful that you need more time than is available to recuperate and recharge your batteries?

Some people seem to be able to readjust their body clock and don’t seem to be really bothered by jet lag, but others experience the familiar routine of waking up at strange hours because they are still living according to the clock at home.

After spending so much time and effort setting up your meetings and working out the details of your trip, it would be a shame if you were so worn out by the effects of jet lag that you weren’t on top of your game with business colleagues.

With that in mind, a recent post at Road Warrior Voices provides some details on three apps that will help you combat jet lag and get the most out of your next lengthy trip.

Developed by the University of Michigan, Entrain simulates your circadian rhythm and makes calculations to give you advice on the best lighting conditions (you will be told to expose yourself to light or to remain in darkness accordingly). The app’s recommendations are based on information from the journal PloS Computational Biology.
Jet Lag App

The Jet Lag App, developed by OZOMedia, is designed to reduce the negative effects of jet lag, using an algorithm that helps you gradually adjust your sleep patterns. You can also save up to 10 trips in the app, which is handy if you frequently travel to the same locations on a regular basis for your company.
Jet Lag Rooster

Have you ever been woken up by a rooster that is greeting the new morning? It would be great to have a steady sleep schedule liked that while traveling! The Jet Lag Rooster, developed by SWAN Medical Group, lets you customize your trip’s sleeping schedule. It offers recommendations about proper light exposure and when you should avoid the sunlight as you reset your clock.

Being worn out from a long journey and having to deal with the effects of jet lag is a common predicament for business travelers. We hope that you will find these app suggestions useful and that they will help you get the most out of your next business trip.

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Don’t Miss These Exciting Oscar Viewing Parties

It’s that special time of year in Hollywood once again. The entire entertainment industry is abuzz about which Oscar nominees have the best chance of bringing home the golden statue.

The 87th Academy Awards are scheduled to take place February 22, 2015 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. As per custom, the ceremonies will begin at 5:30 after all the stars have crossed the red carpet to meet the throngs of well wishers, industry luminaries, and of course, the hundreds of paparazzi hoping to make some tantalizing pictures.

If you are not attending the ceremony yourself this year, you can always have a great experience at one of the many Oscar viewing parties that will be held throughout the city.

With that in mind, here’s an update on some of the Oscar viewing parties slated to be held in town.

Public Kitchen & Bar

This venue at the Hollywood Roosevelt  is a fun place to watch the Oscars with your closest friends. It’s situated right across from the Dolby Theater.

Laemmle Royal Theater

You can enjoy watching the Oscars in the comfort of a private screening room at this theater, which people can rent for $500.

Hollywood American Legion

One Last Party is slated at the Hollywood American Legion and is designed to appeal to fans of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit franchise.

Norby Walter’s 25th Annual Night of 100 Stars

This stellar event takes place at the Beverly Hilton and is invitation-only, where you may get a chance to encounter movie producers, stars and other powerful figures in the entertainment industry.

Elton John’s Party

Famed musician Elton John holds his annual Oscar party at the Pacific Design Center. Money raised through tickets to the event will go to the AIDS Foundation, so you’ll be doing some good while having plenty of fun.

If you hope to get the most out of your Oscar viewing party experience, arranging for limousine transportation to your celebration is of the highest importance. On a special awards night like the Academy Awards, you want to make a big splash as you enjoy the evening’s festivities.

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Google Now Offers Google Earth Pro for Free

limo service los angeles, LA limoToday’s travelers have it easier over the pioneers who were constantly forging through uncharted territories. We typically don’t need to worry about finding a location, even if it’s off the beaten path, because we have access to GPS information and other data via our mobile devices.

Now, there is a plethora of information to help people make the most of their journeys, such as user-contributed trip reports, instant access to reservation systems, all made possible through technology that’s connected to the Internet.

A major case in point is Google Earth Pro, which had been providing users with the same pictures that they could get with the free version of the application, but includes tools that business professionals use to get more out the fire hose of global information.

Previously, Google charged users $399 per year to use the professional version of Google Earth, a software tool that shows users a spinning virtual globe. The application has its roots in Keyhole, a satellite imagery company that was funded by the CIA.

Business travelers and the people who support them have been using

to do tasks such as print out high resolution photos of their destination and automatically geolocate places anywhere on Earth in a blink of an eye.

What’s more, you get access to advanced tools in Google Earth Pro, enabling you to generate animated movies to previsualize a trip. People who need to do extensive research on a particular region will appreciate that the professional version lets you map numerous locations on the planet simultaneously and then integrate information such as traffic data, images and demographic details about each place.

In order to get access to Google Earth Pro, you will need to request a key from Google (free of charge). Your username for the application will be the email address you use to sign up. Google will send you a key to this address and then you can get started using this sophisticated tool to help you on your next journey.

Innovations in software and technology seem to be appearing at an increasing pace. For busy travelers who want access to the detailed imagery of planet Earth, Google Earth Pro should prove to be an ideal tool for planning trips and getting a better understanding of the environment around them.

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Upcoming Awards Events You Won’t Want to Miss

limo service los angeles, LA limo, sedan service LAWhether you are an entertainment industry professional yourself or have been invited to attend any of these special upcoming events as a special guest, you know that you will make a better impression when you use chauffeured services to get you to your destination.

Why not relax and let a professional driver take care of getting you to the awards ceremonies on time? You will be dropped off at the front instead of wondering where and when you are going to find parking. All you’ll need to worry about is making sure to wear dark sunglasses so you aren’t blinded by all the flash photography from the paparazzi!

After all the honors have been awarded and the Hollywood luminaries have made their emotional speeches, your driver can whisk you off to a celebrity-filled after party without delay, helping you to beat the crowds.

With that in mind, here are some upcoming entertainment-oriented awards shows scheduled for February 2015, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Make sure you update your calendar and arrange for transportation.

Visual Effects Society Awards February 4

2015 Directors Guild Awards February 7

2015 BAFTA Film Awards February 8

57th Annual Grammy Awards February 8

2015 Writers Guild Awards February 14

2015 American Society of Cinematographers Awards February 15

Costume Designers Guild Awards February 17

30th Independent Spirit Awards February 21

87th Academy Awards February 22

The best way for you and your guests to arrive in style to any of these big Hollywood events is in a luxurious limousine. Inside the vehicle, you will be offered snacks and beverages and can focus on what celebrities you hope to catch a glimpse of.

You can relax and focus on the festivities instead of worrying about negotiating traffic when you take advantage of the services of a professional chauffeur who knows the ins and outs of driving through Los Angeles.  Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide services many of the above award events, so look for us there.  Better yet, call us to help YOU get there!


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Else Expects 7 Million Travelers to Connect with Else Globe App in 2015

limo service los angeles, LA limo service, sedan service los angeles, sedan serviceTravelers looking to make a connection with someone in a new city can take now advantage of the new Else Globe app, which is expected to be used by millions of travelers in 2015.

What will you do with your free time during your next business trip? When you’ve been on the road for a while and would like to make some friends to have with fun in a new city, you might want to consider using the Else app to help you find some interesting fellow travelers.

Else has released the new Else Globe app and estimates that 7 million people in 43 countries will be using it in 2015 to make connections and plans to get together in groups around shared interests. Else’s app is designed to fill in the gap between the friends you already have online through social media, such as Facebook.

Now in version 4.0, the Else app is available for iOS and Android platforms as a free download. The update includes a group chat feature to help you finalize your plans with new people. The company is preparing to make special travel industry branded versions of the Else app as well.

Examples of activities that you can coordinate with Else include locating people who would like to attend a classical music concert that night, or to arrange a group outing to a local museum or special restaurant. Whatever strikes your fancy, you can find people who would be interested in going to new places and exploring the city with you.

Whether you are using a limousine service to take you to an airport in Los Angeles or are coming back to L.A. from a lengthy business trip, you’ll be glad to have access to travelers with similar interests thanks to the new Else Globe app.

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New Changes to Airlines for 2015’s Travelers

limo service LA, LA limo, los angeles limoAs the new year rings in, some may be wondering how air travel should be changing throughout 2015. While there have been several major travel industry disruptions, the prior year passed mostly without incident. Here are a few things that the savvy business and pleasure traveler should be aware of.

“Skip lagging” will probably become more common.

Skip lagging is a term coined by the website of the same name which describes booking a flight and then getting off at the layover. For instance, you might book a flight from Los Angeles through Dallas to New York and then get off at Dallas. Why? Because the costs are usually substantially cheaper. For whatever reason, airlines often price tickets like this at less of a cost than a direct flight. And now that the secret is out, more people may do this.

Smaller airlines are rising up.

While there was a monopoly there for a while, many smaller airlines such as Norwegia and La Compagnie are starting as investors get more money to challenge the big airlines. Smaller airlines may see more “boutique” air travel, which may be limited to specific routes yet more comfortable overall.

New airplanes will be coming to the market.

A few new plane designs with an emphasis on both fuel economy and passenger comfort are coming out, and this may improve not only the comfort level of flying but also the cost overall. As many know, though fuel costs have dropped in recent years, plane tickets have not. Changing the fuel economy of the planes themselves may be what is needed to see a reduction in overall flying cost.

More luxury options are available. 

Some planes are going the luxury route, under which selling a single $10,000 ticket is more valuable than selling a multitude of ordinary tickets. This may not mean much for those who aren’t millionaires, but people can always save up their miles.

Apart from the above, travelers should always be on the look out for new start ups and opportunities that could save them money. The travel industry is most definitely an industry constantly primed for disruption, especially because air travel costs have continually risen over the past decade.

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3 Unique Ways You Can Deal With Fashion While On the Go

limo service LA, sedan service LA, los angeles limoWe all know that appearances and first impressions can mean everything, but it’s difficult to look polished and professional after you’ve just gotten off a red eye flight or spent a fitful night within a strange hotel bed. Luckily, this is exactly the type of problem that man companies are trying to solve.

1. Business Clothes Delivered to Your Door

Services such as MM. LaFleur offer business clothes delivered directly to a hotel room. Some services are geared towards men, others towards women and some are able to produce clothing for either gender. A few services are even attached to the hotel chain itself. Either way, this drastically cuts down on the time that needs to be spent sorting out clothing; everything one needs is packaged in a neat box and the clothing is yours to keep.

2. Travel Washing on the Go

If you h ave a long business trip planned, it may not be feasible to take all your business clothes with you — and if you’re using an alternative lodging service or traveling to many different places, you might not be able to take advantage of laundry service. There are tools, such as the Scrubba, which let you wash clothing anywhere you go very easily. You just toss your hand or machine washable wear in a bag and slosh it around a bit to achieve a fast, effective wash.

3. Easy Travel Attire

One-piece travel attire is quickly becoming popular. These slip-on suits can be thrown on and look (almost) identical to more formal outfits. Perhaps not something that you would wear to an opera, but certainly sufficient for meetings on the go — and because they’re not extraordinarily popular yet, most people wouldn’t even know what they’re looking at! These one-piece suits have an additional bonus of being extremely comfortable.

Of course, the cheapest way to make sure you look fantastic is to pick your clothing up at the dry cleaners the previous day and immediately pack them in your luggage, still in the plastic-wrapped bags. It may not be high tech, but it’s tried and proven.

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Tips for Traveling With a Supervisor, Managing Partner or Employer

limo service los angeles, LA limo service, sedan service LAAre you going to be taking a business trip with someone who outranks you in the office? This experience can be rather anxiety-producing, especially if you aren’t certain about the expectations. Will you need to work late into the night? Will you need to get up extra early? You can still draw boundaries between your personal time and work time, it’ll just be a little more difficult.

  • Take your cues from them. However your supervisor is dressing is usually how you should be dressing too — but you don’t want to dress more formally than them unless it is specified that you should do so. If you’re in doubt, always ask them how you should be dressing and if there are any items of etiquette that you should know about. This is especially true if you’ll be meeting a client that you haven’t met with before.
  • Don’t overwhelm them. It can quickly become tiresome to be around the same person when traveling even if you like them; this is because travel is naturally stressful. Try to avoid sitting next to them on the plane and try to spend some time apart from them. A business trip is a fantastic time to do your own thing.
  • Always be early. Punctuality is great, but when you’re traveling, being early is better than being on time. Remember: the very first time that you’re late is going to be the time that they are early! You never want to leave a supervisor waiting for you; they’ll be tired, grumpy and it may even make them late.
  • Do take control of your free time. Even when you travel, you should still have a “work day.” Protect your free time to ensure that you don’t get fatigued — especially if it is a lengthier trip. (Of course, if it’s a short or emergency trip, you might need to put in a few more hours.)

No one can be “always on,” so always make sure that you do take a few moments for yourself alone — even when you’re in the thick of things. And when you’re in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask!

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4 Tips for Making a Tight Transfer through a Busy Airport

los angeles limo, limo service LASometimes it’s the only flight you can get. Sometimes it’s the cheapest flight. Sometimes your first flight was just delayed. Either way, you may be confronted with a tight transfer… through a busy airport. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Always ask for assistance once you’ve gotten off of the plane.

The first thing you should do once you get off the plane is to notify the gate assistant. If they do not believe that you can get to your other flight on time, they will send a cart for you… and all your problems will be solved! The cart will take you directly to your flight.

2. When you can, take the rail instead of walking.

If the rail is an option, jump on! Some people hesitate before they use the rail because they are concerned that it will take too long for the rail to get to them. The rail at almost every airport comes every few minutes, so even waiting will not take as long as walking. Because the stops are scheduled automatically, the amount of passengers on the rail does not effect its speed.

3. Avoid the walkways and the escalators.

If you’re in a rush and in a busy airport, the moving walkways and escalators are actually the last place you want to be. You won’t be able to get past other people. It’s faster to simply keep moving around the crowd rather than getting stuck behind them.

4. Always secure your luggage before you start moving.

When you’re rushing through a busy airport, it can be incredibly easy to drop things. Make sure every single compartment of your luggage is completely sealed (including your purse or wallet) before you run off after your next flight.

If you’re tired of having to rush from gate to gate, you might want to consider a private or chartered flight next time. Chartered flights are becoming incredibly popular, in no small part due to people who would rather their plane wait for them rather than the other way around.

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4 Reasons Why Limousine Services Are An Eco-Friendly Option

los angeles limo, limo service LAAre you concerned about the environment? A limousine service may be the perfect solution for you. Compared to many other forms of ground transportation, limousine services can be quite environmentally friendly — in addition, of course, to also being very fun!

1. Limousines don’t prowl around for passengers — they go directly from point A to point B.

When you book a limousine service, your limousine picks you up at the designated time and then drops you off. If it’s needed to pick up multiple people, your chauffeur will figure out the best way to pick up everyone as you desire. A limousine will never circle around the block looking for fares or otherwise travel unnecessarily, and this protects the environment. Limousines are also rated on a flat or hourly fee, not by mileage, so they have no reason to stretch the amount of miles they drive (and thus the fuel they use).

2. Limousines can fit a large group of people, rather than each taking individual modes of transportation.

Instead of having to take multiple vehicles, a limousine lets you take everyone to their destination at once. Like carpooling, this is an incredible way to reduce gas emissions and even to save money. The more people who take the limousine, the better it is for the environment.

3. Limousines are exactly as large as they need to be — and can be customized based on your needs.

Have you ever been in a larger form of transportation — such as public transportation — and been the only person in it? Naturally that’s happened to everyone, and it’s an incredible waste of fuel. Limousines can be ordered to the size that you need them (buses are even available, for those who need more space!) so that there is no waste involved.

Everyone knows that limousines are clearly the most convenient and luxurious of travel options, but not everyone realizes that the above factors make limousines one of the most environmentally friendly methods of traveling as well.

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