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Air Transportation

At Exclusive Sedan Service, we know that no detail regarding your trip is unimportant. Our clients have chosen the air charter option because they know it is the most comfortable and productive way to travel. To ensure this remains true for every client on every trip, we offer 24-hour concierge service to every prospective traveler.

Our business was built on the idea of Attention to Detail, a concept that extends beyond safety and timely travel to your comfort and satisfaction on every flight. No request is too big or small. Whether it involves ground transportation, meals, entertainment, cabin comfort or scheduling issues, we are standing by to accommodate your needs.

Let our client service representatives help you before your trip, and you'll be able to fully relax and enjoy your flight when the time comes.



Whether you're traveling to Paris, London, Frankfurt or the Far East, Exclusive Sedan Service can reserve your ground transportation needs in your destination city. Exclusive Sedan Service has an affiliate network of ground transportation providers in over 750 cities worldwide. Your benefits include consolidated billing and a single source for all your transportation needs including out of town group meetings and conventions.


You set the schedule, sometimes as little as two hours in advance. You choose the airports of your departure and arrival, with many more options than in commercial flight. You choose the type and size of aircraft to fit your needs, and you determine the passenger list. You may even change course while en route!


Statistically, flying in a chartered jet is safer than driving a car. With Exclusive Sedan Service's rigorous safety standards, clients board our planes confident they are secure and protected. This knowledge makes traveling by private jet even more relaxing. Private flights are safer for your luggage as well; since you'll see your bags going on and coming off the plane, you'll know they haven't been lost!


By arranging flights for multiple passengers-from four up to 15 or more in our largest jets-our clients can greatly reduce the per-person costs of private charter. In fact, with such planning, private air charter's costs are often found to be very competitive with flying commercial first class.


Every passenger on your private jet is approved by you. In addition, Exclusive Sedan Service maintains a strict policy of discretion and helps to safeguard your employees and the sensitive information they may be carrying.

Types of aircraft

Exclusive Sedan Service clients have the flexibility to reserve Light, Medium, or Heavy Jets for each and every trip. Our client services representative will consult with you to determine the most appropriate jet for each trip, based on the number of passengers, luggage requirements and the distance to be traveled.

Types of aircraft

Please note that these are approximations and that all speed/ranges are affected by weather, passenger count, runway length, and prevailing winds.

Air rates

The table shown above provides an estimated base price per hour on selected available aircraft.

NOTE: Exclusive Sedan Service does not own or operate aircraft; all flights are arranged through a network of qualified and licensed FAA part 135 independent air carriers.


To ensure the safety of each and every flight, Exclusive Sedan Service qualifies your charter utilizing the services of the Aviation Research Group/U.S. (ARG/US) a leading independent provider of data, research and analysis services to the business aviation marketplace. ARG/US services include a system of safety rankings that provides prospective clients with a clear evaluation of every aircraft and its crew.

The ARG/US carrier rating system categorizes air charter carriers and their private jets into one of four levels: DNQ, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To qualify for a Gold rating, the minimum standard accepted by Exclusive Sedan Service, carriers must provide detailed pilot and aircraft records to ARG/US for review. The Platinum rating involves an onsite audit by inspectors trained to Department of Defense Standards. For more details, see:


For every private jet flight, ARG/US provides a unique service called the TripCHEQ Report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification). The most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the industry, TripCHEQ examines each reserved plane, pilot, and carrier before every flight. It tracks pilot certificates, type ratings, accidents, incidents, violations, operator certificates, operational control of the aircraft and aircraft insurance levels. All of these factors are checked specifically within each client's trip parameters.

By adhering to the TripCHEQ program, Exclusive Sedan Service ensures that each of its flights undergoes multiple, real-time safety evaluations. Exclusive Sedan Service will never assign an aircraft or crew that does not meet 100% of the safety requirements that it has developed in tandem with ARG/US and TripCHEQ. Included in each pre-flight analysis is an automatic evaluation of the following:

  • FAA and NTSB records
  • Pilot qualification records including flight time and experience records
  • Certifications, training documents and insurance information

Private jet charter is one of the safest methods of travel available. Air charter carriers operate their private jets with regular oversight from the FAA on operations, maintenance and training. Most carriers exceed the training requirements dictated by the FAA.


Many of charter carriers are inspected by Wyvern. Widely regarded as a badge of quality in the air charter industry, a Wyvern approved carrier has undergone a thorough onsite records check and operations review. Should an aircraft not meet our safety requirements, we will immediately assign another jet to complete the trip.