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11 Los Angeles "Must Do's"


Los Angeles is the perfect place to experience the Hollywood magic or to have fun on famous beaches. But there’s not only that; there are also magnificent landscapes and cultural landmarks that await discovery! We've made a list of the 14 attractions that will help you have a taste of the LA’s diversity.


  1. Visit LA County Wine Country

Malibu, a town alongside the seashore, is turning into an attractive destination for the wine fans because of its vineyards spread all over the rolling foothills, all the way to the sea. Malibu Family Wines offers you the chance to taste various local wines in the outdoor tasting park. We suggest you prepare for a weekend picnic and also enjoy some live music.


  1. See the Hollywood Hills on Horseback

Experience the LA’s Wild West courtesy of the Sunset Ranch, located in the Hollywood Hills. You can go horseback riding and admire the stunning views of the city or famous landmarks such as the Hollywood sign. For the experienced equestrians, the Friday night Fiesta Ride is the perfect opportunity to traverse the hills under the moonlight.


  1. Appreciate Sculptures With an Ocean View

You can admire sculptures by visiting the Getty Villa, a Roman-style house turned by oil magnate J.P. Getty into an art museum devoted to Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art. The galleries might be packed with masterpieces, but the views of the Pacific Ocean from the tranquil sculpture gardens are the most impressive.


  1. Check Out a Space Shuttle

Did you know that the California Science Center has on display the famous space shuttle Endeavour? Unfortunately, you can't go inside it, but the giant shuttle is nevertheless impressive; there also interesting interactive exhibits that help you understand what it’s like to be onboard.


  1. Lose Yourself in Unspoiled Wilderness

If you are sick of living in the concrete jungle, simply take a breath of fresh air by going northeast of downtown Los Angeles, to the Angeles National Forest. With over 650,000 acres of forestland that spread across the San Gabriel Mountains, you are free to admire the wildflowers or hike through pine trees, dare to camp under the stars or enjoy a spectacular drive on the Angeles Crest Highway.


  1. Have a Real Farm-to-Plate Meal

Le Comptoir, a stylish Koreatown restaurant, and chef Gary Menes proud themselves on using only local organic ingredients supplied from his farm. The fixed price menu is enjoyed at an intimate 10-seat counter and contains only vegetables picked by the chef that day.


  1. Spend the Day on an Island

Another great destination is just an hour’s boat ride away, and it's called Catalina Island. Its principal port, Avalon, will charm you with the picturesque streets ideal for strolling and the calm seas adequate for water sports. You also have other adventures to experiment, such as wildlife spotting or zip-lining.


  1. See a Concert in a Magnificent Movie Palace

The Theatre at Ace Hotel has plenty of varied concerts, enough to satisfy any taste, whether you are into indie rock or chamber orchestras. The location is set in a previous United Artists movie palace. This fashionable downtown hotel brought back to life the 1920s Spanish Gothic interiors, paying attention to the original ornate balconies and the mirrored, vaulted ceiling.


  1. Visit a Historic Orange Grove

Did you know that in the past, LA County was covered with citrus trees? Alas, almost all of them were cut down to make way for the urban development. California State University, Northridge, still preserves one of the few surviving groves in the San Fernando Valley. You can even pick some fruits.


  1. See a Piece of the Berlin Wall

This represents a beautiful combination of Cold War-era history and art. The Wende Museum, on Wilshire Boulevard, showcases the biggest segment of the Berlin Wall, outside of Berlin. You can admire the murals on 5 of the wall segments, which were ordered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its fall.


  1. Getting Around Los Angeles

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Posted on Apr 05 2016

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