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3 Great Limo Ideas for Fathers Day


sedan service LA, los angeles limo, limousine service LAThey raised us, showed us right from wrong, and helped us become who we are today. Isn't it about time we thanked our dads for everything they have done for us over the years?

The first official Father's Day observance was held in 1910 in Washington. Over 100 years later, Father's Day has grown to be an extravagant affair to thank our fathers for their positive influence in our lives. While traditional gifts like tools or sporting goods are often associated with the day, they are not always the best choices. For the dad who seems to have everything, how do you thank him for his years of dedication?

Why not give dad a memory he'll never forget with a limousine? Make a great memory with your father, no matter what he's doing, this Father's Day! Here are three great ideas that can get your fathers day planning started right now.

Dad's Night Out - With A Limousine

Even dad needs a night out in style - and what better way to deliver than with a sedan or limousine? Let your father dictate his perfect night with a limousine rental, taking him from home to wherever his heart desires.

Perhaps it's a ride in style to the baseball game. A limousine saves the hassle of driving to and from the game, not to mention parking. Or perhaps your dad wants a night on the town, which is perfect for a limousine. Simply set the itinerary, and your professional driver will do the rest!

Family Dinner for Dad (In Style)

Many families make big dinners a key part of any celebration. For many, this includes going out to dad's favorite restaurant. Why not surprise him with a limousine ride to and from the restaurant?

Contrary to popular belief, limousines for a night out on Father's Day can be a fun and affordable way to make memories. Whether you're favorite spot is across town or across the county, why not arrive in style? Enjoy spending time with your dad, and leave the driving to us.

Air Transportation for Dad's Next Business Trip

Business travel is a required burden of anyone doing business in our modern world, separating us from our fathers for days at a time. Next time your father has to leave, why not give him a ride in style? More importantly, why not accompany him to the airport in a limousine ride?

Treating dad to a limousine ride is not just a gift to him - it is a gift to the entire family, allowing everyone to spend a little more time together before he takes that next business trip. Don't leave the "goodbyes" at the door. Instead, surprise dad by either taking him in style, or greeting him at the airport with a ride to remember.

Father's Day isn't just about dad - it's about the entire family. Adding a limo to a Father's Day celebration can make special for everyone, and a unique way to celebrate your dad.  

Posted on Jun 17 2015

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