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3 Reasons Why Employers May Want to Fear "Bleisure" Travel


los angeles limo, LA limo service, limo service los angelesNew reports indicate that employees are confused as to what is and isn't allowed on business trips, and this has lead to an increase in "bleisure" travel. Bleisure doesn't just mean taking some time out from a business trip to relax. Bleisure denotes trips that are taken with an employee's entire family... and often without the employer being aware.

1. Employees May Be Distracted... Really Distracted

It's one thing to be concentrating on work from home -- it's another to be stuck in a hotel room with your spouse and your kids while trying to focus on typing up a report. Regardless of how dedicated an employee is to their work, they are bound to get distracted when their children are begging them to go down to the pool with them.

2. Employees Have a Higher Risk of Accidents and Injury

Employees traveling with their family members are going to do a greater deal of travel. They may drive around the town, go hiking or take part in activities that could put them out of commission for the rest of their trip. Since they are technically on a business trip, driving around produces additional liability -- one reason out of many why a car service should be used.

3. Employees May Not Be Available When Needed

It's already very hard to keep a tight schedule with just a business trip -- but it's even harder if an employee is scheduling their business trip and their leisure time with their family. With bleisure travel, your employee may not be available when you need them and may struggle to juggle both aspects of their trip. And because they may not necessarily want to admit their difficulties, you may be left unaware of the situation.

Having very clear and discussed guidelines regarding bleisure travel is essential for companies that wish to limit or otherwise control their liability and increase their employee productivity. Many employees who take "bleisure" vacations do so because their employers either have no policy or do not enforce their policies.

Posted on Oct 24 2014

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