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3 Signs That You Need More Corporate Teambuilding


The challenges facing today’s companies are enormous – they must cope with the current economic and regulatory environment, in an ever more competitive world. The most successful companies devote time, effort and resources to ensure that their workforce is not just selected but trained and motivated. Some companied don’t even realize that their staff is not functioning at 100%, perhaps the background noise or massive travel requirements means that management has just not observed any signals. Or perhaps, they’re not quite sure what they should be looking for.

Silent Meetings

If you only see the same employees engaging in every meeting while the majority remains silent, you may need to address this with some teambuilding. Employees could be quit for a number of factors but if they’re consistently silent it could point to a larger issue. Perhaps, they feel their opinion does not count or, worse still, that no one will listen to them. Either way it is not a symptom of a fully functioning team, one that is more than the sum of its constituent parts.

Silent Offices

A relatively noisy start to the morning is normally a signal of a healthy office. If your employees stop and say hello to each other first thing it points to a good working environment where they have an interest in each other. If they only communicate when compelled to, there are maybe unresolved issues under the surface.

Arguing Employees

Active discussion is a good sign but frequent arguments or entrenched positions are a sure sign that something is wrong. Office hostility should be turned into positive engagement by a multi pronged management led strategy of teambuilding and if necessary conflict resolution. Again, people need to communicate at a human level.

A functioning team is a key ingredient of a productive office. A really well functioning team must be your goal; this sounds attractive but the reality is often that you must spend time monitoring the little signals that will add up to a problem. If you perceive an issue then there is an entire teambuilding industry there to suggest a solution but first and foremost, your solution should be good management and open communication.

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Posted on Oct 11 2013

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