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3 Things to Consider When Booking a Limo For a Large Group


los angeles limo, limo service los angeles  limo serviceAre you going to be bringing a large amount of guests with you in a single limo? You might want to consider a few tips for making your ride as comfortable as possible. A large amount of guests requires slightly more logistical planning than just a few.

1. Does everyone need to be picked up and dropped off?

A large limousine service is almost trivial if everyone is being picked up and dropped off at the same place... but it can be more problematic if people need to be picked up and dropped off at different places. No matter how quickly the chauffeur is able to get from place to place, that's still a lot of traveling to do. In these situations, it may be best to get multiple limos.

2. Is everyone on the same schedule?

As an addendum to the above, do some people need to leave a lot earlier than others? If so, don't worry -- the limousine can, of course, simply drop them off while the rest of you have your fun! Just remember that you'll need to keep your scheduling straight so that the limo driver can return in time to take care of the rest of you.

3. Do you have an accurate count?

It's easy to fit fewer people in a larger limo... it isn't so easy to fit a larger amount of people in a smaller limo. Make absolutely sure to get your RSVPs in so that you know for certain exactly how many people are coming. If you aren't sure, it's always better to err on the side of caution and get a bigger vehicle rather than a smaller one.

Don't forget that you can always ask if you aren't certain about the plan that would be best for you and your friends! Sometimes it may be best to book two or even three limos rather than a single one for better maneuverability and timing.

Posted on Nov 07 2014

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