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3 Unique Ways You Can Deal With Fashion While On the Go


limo service LA, sedan service LA, los angeles limoWe all know that appearances and first impressions can mean everything, but it's difficult to look polished and professional after you've just gotten off a red eye flight or spent a fitful night within a strange hotel bed. Luckily, this is exactly the type of problem that man companies are trying to solve.

1. Business Clothes Delivered to Your Door

Services such as MM. LaFleur offer business clothes delivered directly to a hotel room. Some services are geared towards men, others towards women and some are able to produce clothing for either gender. A few services are even attached to the hotel chain itself. Either way, this drastically cuts down on the time that needs to be spent sorting out clothing; everything one needs is packaged in a neat box and the clothing is yours to keep.

2. Travel Washing on the Go

If you h ave a long business trip planned, it may not be feasible to take all your business clothes with you -- and if you're using an alternative lodging service or traveling to many different places, you might not be able to take advantage of laundry service. There are tools, such as the Scrubba, which let you wash clothing anywhere you go very easily. You just toss your hand or machine washable wear in a bag and slosh it around a bit to achieve a fast, effective wash.

3. Easy Travel Attire

One-piece travel attire is quickly becoming popular. These slip-on suits can be thrown on and look (almost) identical to more formal outfits. Perhaps not something that you would wear to an opera, but certainly sufficient for meetings on the go -- and because they're not extraordinarily popular yet, most people wouldn't even know what they're looking at! These one-piece suits have an additional bonus of being extremely comfortable.

Of course, the cheapest way to make sure you look fantastic is to pick your clothing up at the dry cleaners the previous day and immediately pack them in your luggage, still in the plastic-wrapped bags. It may not be high tech, but it's tried and proven.

Posted on Dec 12 2014

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