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4 Great Headphones for Business Travelers


For success with business travel, you need to consider several things. For example, you want to download appropriate mobile apps, buy the right type of luggage, and secure limo service in Los Angeles for convenient and safe ground transportation. However, you should also consider buying high-quality headphones.


As you already know, airports, as well as planes, hotels, and other public places, are loud and chaotic. To reduce stress, you can wear some of the top-rated headphones to cancel out noise. Unlike large and bulky headphones from a decade ago, which were obvious, headphones available in 2016 are small, inconspicuous, and high tech.


Top 4 Headphone Choices


Obviously, there are far more than four headphones to consider. However, those recommended here are ranked among the best, based on multiple factors including the ability to block out background noise, level of portability, aesthetics and comfort, sound quality, balance, and price.


  1. Bose QuietComfort 20—One of the top-rated headphones this year is from Bose. For airplane travel in particular, the QuietComfort 20 is what most experts suggest. In addition to incredible noise-canceling ability, these headphones are extremely comfortable to wear. Having passed extensive testing, they’ll give you the confidence of enjoying outstanding sound reproduction.


  1. Bose QuietComfort 25—These are more of the best headphones from Bose available this year. These headphones are worn over the ear and compared to QuietComfort 20, are designed with larger speakers for an even higher quality of sound. Although these headphones are larger, they are quite comfortable to wear and for noise-canceling, they outperform.


  1. RHA MA750i—When it comes to noise-isolating headphones, these have been given one of the highest ratings. Made from stainless steel components, these headphones are not only strong and durable but also surprisingly comfortable. However, the sound quality is what really impresses, especially the deep bass.


  1. Phiaton BT 220 NC—These in-ear bud-type headphones are also an exceptional choice. Whether you’re sitting next to a crying child on a plane, sharing an LA limo service with other passengers, or waiting at the airport for your flight, these earphones offer noise cancellation and wireless audio. With Bluetooth audio, the headphones are not as bulky, mobility is easier, and there are fewer cords to mess with. For both noise cancellation and audio performance, you will not go wrong with this purchase.


Depending on LA Limo Service


Another way to reduce stress when traveling on business, besides using noise-canceling headphones, is to rely on the services of a reputable LA limo company. You know a professional chauffeur will greet you upon arrival at the airport, provide assistance with luggage, and take you to your hotel without incident.

Posted on Mar 22 2016

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