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4 Necessary Business Etiquette Tips for a Successful Power Lunch


Are you worried about a business lunch going wrong? There are plenty of things that can ruin it like: eating too fast, talking too much, not being able to seem pleasant enough. Therefore, a business lunch is a difficult process that can be filled with frustration and failures. But it doesn’t have to be so.

Having a successful business lunch means preparing in advance, following some precise steps. So, it's an entire process which begins long before you arrive at the restaurant. We present you a list of the steps that will lead to a successful business lunch.


Don’t Skimp on Car Service

In case you act as a host for a client who is unfamiliar with the respective town, make sure they have a reliable form of transportation. Many businesspeople don't realize how important is to offer potential clients an easy way to get around town. We aren't referring to cabs, public transit or rental cars since none of these are reliable or luxurious enough.

By hiring Sedan Service to drive your potential client from the airport or their hotel, you already make the first important step to a great business lunch and memorable overall experience. The designated chauffeur will always greet him with a friendly smile and find the quickest route to the destination. Meanwhile, the client can relax in the backseat of a luxurious vehicle, take a nap or get some work done. Therefore, everybody wins: you make a great impression on your potential client, and they enjoy a first-rate transportation experience.


Keep Your Etiquette on Point

When having a business lunch, don't forget about maintaining a proper etiquette. There are things that you simply can't do. First of all, you must prove that you have table manners. Therefore, don’t chew with your mouth open, don’t put your elbows on the table, don’t reach across the table to get something and bother your client and also don't forget to put your napkin on your chair and not on the table if you go to the restroom.


What to Order

Regarding the ordering process, you should allow your business partner to choose, more or less. In case they aren't familiar with the city, they might ask you to recommend a restaurant or a dish from the menu. But keep in mind that it isn't polite to pick the most substantial meal you can find and overeat the next two hours. It's a business lunch, not an all you can eat event. You should order similar things to your client so that you won't continue eating long after he has finished his last bite. You can't socialize and close a deal if you’re eating and the client isn't.


Go Easy on the Cocktails

Another thing to focus on is not to have too many drinks. You should know your limits and never exceed them, no matter what. You must be rational at all times and keep in mind that this is business after all. Equally important is not to outdrink your potential client. If he drinks slowly, do the same. Take into consideration that you might seem nervous if you're drinking too fast.

The process of preparing for a business lunch and being aware to abide various aspects of business etiquette can be quite overwhelming. But it's all worth it, after all.



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Posted on Aug 23 2016

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