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4 Simple Reasons Why a Professional Car Service is Better than a Ride-Hailing App


There are plenty of transportation options these days (for both urban and suburban areas), and this phenomenon can largely be attributed to the rise of ride-hailing apps. In fact, it’s so easy to catch a ride at any time of the day that this has led to a whole new generation of mobile travelers that come and go at the drop of a pin.

However, although convenience and ease of access is the highlight with ride-hailing apps, users will often have to compromise when it comes to ride quality. With a professional car service, you’ll be able to enjoy your journey in the vehicle, and this comes without sacrificing user-friendliness. Now, let’s jump right into the reasons why our Los Angeles ground transportation service is really the right option for you:


Highly-Qualified Chauffeurs

Ride-hailing apps are really easy to use, but when it comes to the realm of qualified drivers, about the only thing you can be assured of is the legibility of a valid license and a passed background check. That might sound alright for now, but when you think about it, how safe can you feel getting into the car of a stranger with unknown driving skills?

At our Los Angeles ground transportation service, we understand that the safety of our passengers is something we cannot compromise on, hence the need for strict background checks and safe driving screenings for all our chauffeurs. In fact, since we emphasize customer experience as our Number One priority, we constantly provide training for our chauffeurs all year round.


Luxury Vehicles

No one wants to enter a cramp and dirty interior, but that’s a possible scenario you’ll need to accept when it comes to ride-hailing apps. After all, ride-hailing app drivers are only advised to provide their customers with the best experience possible, but it still boils down to the initiative and effort that each individual driver puts into maintaining their car.

Instead of going with the uncertainty of ride-hailing apps, it’ll be way better to put your trust in our Los Angeles ground transportation service instead. Our fleet of cars is regularly maintained and clean to provide an optimal user experience, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a truly amazing ride.


Prioritizing Safety and Privacy

Unfortunately, ride-hailing apps simply cannot guarantee your safety and privacy, especially with so many new drivers signing up every single day. In fact, the possibility of you encountering the same driver again is pretty low, and even if you do, would it be a driver that meets your preferences?

Rather than compromise on your safety and security, it’ll be much better to opt for our professional chauffeurs instead. With an emphasis on maintaining your privacy and ensuring that you arrive safely every single time, doesn’t this sound a lot more appealing?


Professional Services

You’ve probably heard of several unsavoury stories surrounding the usage of ride-hailing apps, and most of them usually involve a driver’s conduct, and this can span from canceling on a customer to verbal abuse. Depending on the area you’re in and traffic conditions, you might even have to put up with price surges.

For a truly dependable and reliable experience, you can definitely rely on our Los Angeles ground transportation service. Just give us a phone call or book our services online and experience the difference today!

Posted on Jul 03 2018

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