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4 Steps To Build Your Personal Brand Online


It’s difficult to separate personal and company brands when it comes to online reputation. Previously, this had made life hard for anybody changing profession – they wanted to be known as ‘x with the y skills and ability’ but they were ‘x that works for z‘. If you take time to build an online brand, you can avoid this issue and this blog post gives you some idea about getting started.

Step 1: Complete your social media profiles

This may sound too obvious to be worthy of a start but what is meant is: from the perspective of your personal brand, complete your profile. To get you started, look at someone’s profile who has a very professional looking presence and then base your format on theirs.

This will probably include getting a quality professionally taken photo, with a complete profile and a link to their LinkedIn profile, their blog and their website.

Step 2: Select a suitable name for your presence

If you tweet under a pseudonym, odds are no one will connect it with you, unless you’re really big. Similarly, if you have a very common name and you add some numbers after it - @jsmith2332, for example – it’ll not be linked to you very easily. So pick a suitable name like JohnSmithSays and use this on all social media.

You may also want to purchase the domain with your name, as someone else may do this and it could cost you a lot later to purchase it, or undo the damage they’ve done.

Step 3: Be active

People will be discussing your area of expertise across a massive variety of sources from formal online journals to Twitter chats. You should engage in these on a regular basis in a neutral (don’t make enemies or shoot others down) and informed way. This will help to make connections and establish the credibility behind the profile and photo for those that don’t know you.

Step 4: Create regular quality content

The best way for people to find and develop respect for your online profile is by creating the most useful possible content for those in your industry on the web. This may sound like a tall order but it’s not impossible if you double up with work you’re already doing. Let’s say you’re asked to speak at a conference. So long as you’re not a professional speaker and you won’t hurt your future income, you could take you key ideas and turn it into a blog or article with very little effort. People will find this and come back to you.

Now monitor

Once you’ve started, you need to know how your efforts are going. You can check up this by googling yourself or your industry with your name. If you really are adding value in your online presence, you’ll very quickly find that you start showing up in search engine results and, because this all links back to your stellar profile, people will know it’s you.

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Posted on May 21 2014

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