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4 Tips for dominating business travel this fall


It seems that nowadays businesspeople have to travel farther and farther away. This thing can get quite annoying especially if it becomes a habit and you end up spending a lot of time away from all your loved ones. Not to mention the stress of having to survive with only what you've packed in your luggage. Even worse, it's pretty sure that you must repeat the experience in a week or two, having to deal again with the stress caused by the airports (lots of people, long lines, flight delays). However, by planning each of your business trips, you can breeze through the airport each time you fly.

By following the next suggestion, you'll become a business travel pro in no time, passing through airports smoothly.



The first step is to establish your flight and work itinerary. Then, you can concentrate on the adequate traveling attire for your needs. In case you don't have to attend a meeting immediately after landing, you can dress comfortably so that you can feel at ease. We suggest you wear shoes that can be quickly taken off and that you leave your belt in your carry-on, along with any other unnecessary accessories. This way, you won't spend too much time taking them off and putting them back again at the airport security.

If you must attend a business dinner or head to the office as soon as you land, then you must wear an official attire but not by sacrificing your comfort either. Loafers or slip-on shoes are still acceptable if they look official. When it comes to fabrics, choose the ones that won’t wrinkle and ruin your appearance, no matter how long your flight is.



One of the most precious advice for having a successful trip is to learn how to pack. Since it seems that most of the airlines keep charging fee after fee for their luggage, more and more people are trying to put all the things they need in their carry-on bag. This is doable when the business trips last only a few days, and you can fit everything you need in just one bag.

You can save some space in your carry-on if you roll your clothes. Organize things so that each roll contains an entire day’s outfit from top to bottom, including your socks. By doing things this way, you can minimize the space your clothes occupy. Try to take only one pair of shoes and belt with you. If you pack various colored shirts, ties, and scarves, you can give the impression that you have entirely new outfits. You just have to be a little creative and know how to accessorize.

Nowadays, the majority of the hotels offer you complimentary toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. So, you don't have to occupy space in your carry-on by taking your own. Keep also in mind that airlines have a size limit on the bottles you can take on board. In case yours are too large, they might seize them.



To make sure you go smoothly through the airport, try to research it the day before. Each airport has an online map of its facilities that specifies the gate locations, terminal drop off and pick-up points, even where the restaurants and the gift shops are. Check out the online map and also print it to have it with you. It might be your first visit to a specific airport, but it won't look that way since you'll breeze through it.



For you to be a pro when it comes to business travel, you must understand the advantages of booking car service to and from the airport. When you go to the airport, the chauffeur will help you with your bags, handle the traffic issue and drive you to the nearest gate. Forget about the stress of finding a parking space, about the fees that have to be paid and the worries of leaving your car in an airport parking lot for an extended period.

Even if you book a car service provider in an unfamiliar city, don't worry about getting lost. The chauffeurs know very well all the routes, across the entire town. They always know which is the fastest way to get somewhere or where the best restaurants are. Above all else, you will make a great first impression in front of a business colleague or a potential client once you pick him up for dinner.

You might not see it now, but traveling for business reasons doesn’t always have to be stressful. You just have to plan it and make the appropriate arrangements before you even leave for the airport.



Airport shuttles represent a comfortable alternative for traveling to and from L.A. International Airport. They can get you to LAX from the city or suburbs or drive you to the hotel once your plane lands.

We're aware that your corporate meetings are essential for you and you need excellent and punctual chauffeured services to get you in time to them. Any corporate traveler searches for services that are economical, comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

Exclusive Sedan knows all that and designed the most exceptional chauffeured car services:  Los Angeles Airport Shuttle and Sedan Service LA.

Exclusive Sedan can offer you the best option for a Los Angeles airport shuttle service no matter your budget, group size or luggage requirements. The journey from LAX to your destination will run smoothly. Exclusive Sedan Service will drive you anywhere in a safe, efficient and comfortable manner.

Book your preferred car and leave it to us to provide you with a safe, reliable and stress-free A-to-B drive. Let Exclusive Sedan Service handle all the arrangements and allow yourself to fully relax and enjoy your trip.

Posted on Oct 04 2016

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