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4 Tips for Making a Tight Transfer through a Busy Airport


los angeles limo, limo service LASometimes it's the only flight you can get. Sometimes it's the cheapest flight. Sometimes your first flight was just delayed. Either way, you may be confronted with a tight transfer... through a busy airport. Here's what you need to do.

1. Always ask for assistance once you've gotten off of the plane.

The first thing you should do once you get off the plane is to notify the gate assistant. If they do not believe that you can get to your other flight on time, they will send a cart for you... and all your problems will be solved! The cart will take you directly to your flight.

2. When you can, take the rail instead of walking.

If the rail is an option, jump on! Some people hesitate before they use the rail because they are concerned that it will take too long for the rail to get to them. The rail at almost every airport comes every few minutes, so even waiting will not take as long as walking. Because the stops are scheduled automatically, the amount of passengers on the rail does not effect its speed.

3. Avoid the walkways and the escalators.

If you're in a rush and in a busy airport, the moving walkways and escalators are actually the last place you want to be. You won't be able to get past other people. It's faster to simply keep moving around the crowd rather than getting stuck behind them.

4. Always secure your luggage before you start moving.

When you're rushing through a busy airport, it can be incredibly easy to drop things. Make sure every single compartment of your luggage is completely sealed (including your purse or wallet) before you run off after your next flight.

If you're tired of having to rush from gate to gate, you might want to consider a private or chartered flight next time. Chartered flights are becoming incredibly popular, in no small part due to people who would rather their plane wait for them rather than the other way around.

Posted on Nov 20 2014

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