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5 Best Hobbies to Take Up as a Business Traveler


You only live once, therefore, don't waste your life just working. You can be productive only if you allow yourself some time to rest or to have fun with your family and friends. If this doesn't satisfy you, discover new methods to spice up your life. In case you have to travel for work frequently, why don’t you try to make these business trips fun occasions?

You can't even imagine how many activities you can enjoy while traveling for business. Below it's a list of suggestions. Choose the one that suits you and make the most of your life even when you are working!

Your future business trip won't be tedious since you've got a new hobby to entertain you!



Golf is the most common sport practiced by businesspeople. Since you play it on vast green courses, you will immediately feel invigorated. But this sport demands your full attention and doesn't allow you to think of anything else. If you are a static person and you tend to spend too much time in the office, playing golf is an excellent choice for you. Take into consideration that a game lasts 4,5 hours, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy the silence and the outdoors. That much time for yourself, worry-free! You will feel completely relaxed after that game! Exclusive Sedan can recommend you 3 Stunning Golf Courses to conduct business in LA.



The calming effect of the sea has long been known. When sailing, you get the sense of freedom, joy and the long-sought solitude that you’ve been dreaming of after a busy day. Sailing involves responsibility like you're running your own business, but it will also relieve you of a lot of stress. You won't have to worry about anything else, just the wind and the currents. Having the chance to travel often means you will get to enjoy sailing in the best locations in the world.

If you're in town, you should ask your Sedan Service LA chauffeur to get you to Marina del Rey. Besides sailing, this is a great place to host a business meeting, a corporate event or a team building.



It's quite an easy and fun hobby! In case you're not obsessed with taking the best photographs in the world, a reasonable camera and having an artistic sense will be enough. You can take photos even while you are on board and continue to concentrate on shooting pictures after your event has ended. Once you get the taste of it, we bet you'll never stop. Being able to travel all around the globe, you will have an extensive collection of photographs from various exciting places. This way, you can gain a lot of lasting memories to remind you of all your trips.



Practicing scuba diving, you will have the unique opportunity to admire the fantastic underwater life. You will inevitably become addicted to this activity. This marine world will impress you with all its calmness, in contrast with your human world. In case you're traveling for work to a perfect diving destination, don't let this opportunity pass you by.



This is a pretty old hobby, just perfect for those who frequently travel. Your collection will continuously improve. You can choose to gather stamps, stones, money, snow globes, magnets, mugs, keychains, shot glasses. Just pick anything you want and start collecting. Along with the object, there also comes the history and memories of how and where you got that object from.

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Posted on Oct 11 2016

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