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5 Critical Tips For International Business Travel


Travelling to foreign countries on business can be a tricky and daunting affair. While you’re far more likely to forget something important than succumb to a tropical disease, there are many sensible steps you can take to ensure your trip is a successful one. This week’s post looks at the 5 most critical tips for international business travelers to ensure your trip goes well.

1.            Adaptors and voltage

Not being able to charge your devices would be a real issue, destroying your computer with the wrong voltage would be much more serious. It’s therefore critical to get the right type of voltage adaptor; some are for powerful, high wattage devices like cookers, irons and so on and others are more appropriate for smaller lower power devices. Do some research and ask the right questions before purchasing an adapter. A good solution to further cut down on cables and plugs is to take a USB charger for each separate device that you can plug into your computer to charge.

2.            Respect customs agents

Customs agents have immense power over your life for a very short period of time and they know it. Being pleasant to customs agents, even when they don’t deserve it, is both free and likely to keep you out of trouble. Telling them who you are, or how important something is, is very unlikely to make your trip smoother. Stick to polite and respectful discussion and you’ll almost always be fine.

3.            Sleep before you go

International business can be really tiring; you have to travel for an extended period, perhaps across several time zones, stay somewhere strange and then you are required to perform. If you go in to this unduly tired you’re setting yourself up to fail. The sensible play is to get a little rest, where you can best achieve it, at home before setting off.

4.            Connectivity

While finding Internet connectivity is no big deal here in the United States, it may be in your destination. You may have to pay, even in your hotel so do a little research before you leave.

5.            Eat smart

Nothing will ruin your trip faster than an intestinal parasite. While you may not need to worry about the food quality in many places there are things you can and should be doing to minimize the risk. First and foremost is hand washing and sticking to bottled water, this will cut down many of the problems you’ll face. You should then try and avoid food which is totally new for you and stick to the most reputable restaurants.

Exclusive Sedan offers excellent corporate ground transportation in the Los Angeles area. We know that our customers are frequent travelers – both national and international – so we hope that these short tips are of use. For your ground transportation needs, not just in LA but worldwide, Exclusive Sedan should be your choice for peace of mind, quality and above all excellent service.

Posted on Jan 13 2014

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