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5 Reasons to Fly by Private Jet Charter


It's no secret that commercial airlines are selling elaborate seats, suites, and stellar meals to create a fantastic experience to get consumers to purchase first-class seat accommodations. However, flying private still remains the most luxurious and convenient way to travel, thanks to a wide range of unique benefits that first-class commercial flights don't offer. Here are five reasons why flying by charter is the way to go. 

1. Customized Experience

Flying private is all about you, and flying commercial is all about the airline. Chartering a private jet allots you the freedom to fly whenever and whereever you want, in a setting tailored to meet your individual needs. 

2. Choose Your Cuisine

Whether you're craving your favorite Italian cuisine with top-shelf Champagne or meatloaf that reminds you of your mother's recipe, the menu onboard is totally up to you. While a first-class flight may offer an okay meal, this level of customization, down to the brand of tea you prefer, just can't be had on a commercial airline.

3. Land closer to your destination

When you fly private, you choose the departure and arrival terminals. 

4. Say Goodbye to Lengthy Layovers

With a private jet, you are never limited by the airline's flight schedule like a commercial plane. Do you need to get from a meeting in New York to a family visit in a small town in Ohio? A private jet will get you there directly. 

5. Partnership with a Ground Transportation Team

The successful pickup of private plane passengers for car travel requires a ground travel team that is flexible and capable of handling any last-minute changes in plans. Secondly, professional, to exude extreme competency while servicing VIP-elite-level clients.

We know that our clients expect a squeaky-clean luxury vehicle, a professionally-attired and polite chauffeur, and to be treated like a VIP during their time as an Exclusive Sedan customer. We're committed to not only fulfilling these promises, but we also guarantee that your expectations will be met. Contact us today to book your next vehicle.

Posted on Sep 09 2019

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