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5 Tips for an Outstanding Experience at LAX Airport


outstanding experience laxIf you have ever flown into or out of LAX international airport, you know just how large the facility is and how difficult it can be to get around. For your next trip, there are ways to have a positive experience while at LAX airport. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you might consider any one of the five suggestions provided. To make your trip even better, you can benefit from the services of a reputable LAX limo service.


Helpful Tips for LAX


Whether going between terminals, staying in a VIP lounge, or meeting your chauffeur, the following tips will help.


  1. Going Between Terminals—Because LAX is so large, most people get from one terminal to another by using a Los Angeles airport shuttle. Known as Airline Connections and LAX shuttle, this is without question the easiest method. In addition, the Los Angeles airport shuttle service is free, and you can catch a bus every 15 minutes. Although you can walk, the distance between terminals is significant. Therefore, it makes more sense to use a Los Angeles airport shuttle, which takes only minutes.


  1. Gathering Luggage—Another challenge while at LAX is gathering all your luggage. Unfortunately, this airport ranks as the second worst when it comes to baggage collection. Typically, you can expect to wait in long lines, so to make your experience at LAX better and consider using only carry-on luggage whenever possible. Otherwise, plan to wait up to 30 minutes to gather all your bags.


  1. Meeting the Chauffeur—Especially for LAX, one of the best modes of ground transportation involves hiring a reputable LAX limo company. The problem is that because this airport is so large and these drivers are prohibited from standing or parking near the arrival gates, making the connection with the chauffeur is a challenge. However, by hiring a chauffeur who provides a cell phone number, you can contact that individual upon landing to confirm the meeting spot.


  1. Staying Productive—When it comes to being productive while traveling through LAX, you are in luck. Of all US international airports, LAX is one of the best when it comes to productivity. Throughout the facility you can access complementary WiFi, as well as USB ports and power outlets for charging mobile devices and laptop computers.


  1. Meeting Up with Clients—If you plan to meet with clients at LAX, you have multiple options for space. For example, if you fly American Airlines, you can enjoy the Admiral’s Club located in Terminal 4. However, there is also United Airline’s Red Carpet Club, Continental Airline’s Presidential Club, and Delta’s Sky Club, among others.


Using an LAX Limo Service


To reach your hotel and get around town once settled in, the most affordable, convenient, and safe mode of transportation is a trusted LAX limo service.

Posted on Dec 16 2015

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