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5 Travel Tips to Keep Your Balance


Henry Miller said that “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Everybody seeks time management tips to implement while traveling. Proper preparation represents the difference between a peaceful and relaxing journey and one filled with anxiety, frustration, and anger.


Do Not Overbook Your Schedule

People tend to schedule every second of every hour while traveling.  Don't do that. Whether you are traveling by plane, train or your car, it's quite possible to reach your destination pretty tired. While some people tend to be energized by travel, most of us are exhausted by the extensive preparation, changing time zones and interacting with other hasty and stressed individuals. Put some extra time on your agenda to allow yourself to rest or visit exhibits or fascinating landmarks in the area even if you are traveling for business. Or use that spare time to enjoy a lazy meal and a cup of coffee with a friend. What is important is to do something that you enjoy.



Try to verify beforehand the airline you're going to fly with or the roads you’ll be using. When air traveling, you have to follow some rules and be aware of the restrictions. By doing this, boarding your plane will go more smoothly. Even nowadays, there are still lots of people who have items confiscated at security checks or delay everyone else because they aren't properly "dressed" for traveling. You should know that your computer must be placed in its own bin and also be prepared to take off your shoes EVERY TIME. When traveling by car, verify if there are any road construction that can delay you and make you change plans. Another important aspect is to check what amenities are available at your hotel; depending on this, you will know to pack better or less.


Make a Checklist

It might seem childish, but it can save you a lot of money on the road. Add to the list passport, directions or navigation device, batteries, reservation info/numbers, necessary chargers, thumb drive, non-essential/marketing materials, razor, toothbrush etc.  In case you tend to travel often, also have another set of basics packed and ready to take in a hurry.

With 24 hours before traveling, review flight times and reservations and do it again 4-6 hours in advance. Try not to spend unnecessary wait times at the airport or hotel check-in.


Always Learn

It doesn't matter if you have to travel for work or go to a holiday destination, try to make that trip unforgettable and worthwhile by discovering the new culture or location that you are visiting. You know the saying that knowledge is power. You never know how useful a piece of info can be during a meeting with a client or a potential business associate.

Travel can be fun if you come prepared. A few extra minutes can spare you from missed flights and stressful moments. We strongly believe that those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

When searching for a road partner to take you to the hotel or a meeting, try to choose only those you can rely on.



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Posted on May 10 2016

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