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5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay all the More Comfortable


Hotels are basically temporary accommodations providing us with extra amenities and services that we might not get at home. This doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed to feel comfortable during our visit, so let’s take a look at what we can do to settle in and enjoy our stay:

Bring Your Stuff

Creature comforts are definitely one thing that can easily make your hotel room feel like home. From your favorite pair of slippers to a comfy robe, the main thing is to have something that makes you feel happy. Another thing you can bring along is your own set of toiletries. Although most hotels will provide you with the essentials, you might still prefer using your own items instead.


Trade in Your Pillow

Unless you’re pretty non-committal to any type of pillow, you’re bound to have some preference. Be it a little more solid, a little more fluffed up or even two flat pillows stacked up, you’ll be glad to know that there’s always the possibility to change your pillows. Just ring up the hotel’s sleep concierge or housekeeping and request nicely as to whether they can provide you with a pillow of your choice. More likely than not, they’ll be able to comply with your request as long as the hotel isn’t overly crowded.


Perform a Quick Cleanup

You probably won’t have to do this in a four to five-star hotel, but there’s no harm in making a quick check for your peace of mind. Lift up the sheets to check the mattress below and feel around the edges of your pillows. If you discover any suspicious brown or red specks, you can always alert the front desk to ask for a change of room or even ask for a refund to go find a better hotel if there’s no other option available.


Adjust the Temperature

If the room’s too cold, we end up feeling painfully uncomfortable. If it’s too warm, we get irritable and sweaty under the sheets. Either way, it’s always good to do a quick temperature adjustment when we enter the hotel room. If you’re worried about the drying effect of constant air-con on your skin, you can always leave a cup or bowl of water out to lend some extra moisture to the air.


Don’t Get a Pool-Facing Room

Having a view of the pool is great and all, but you might not be too thrilled when you’re disturbed by shouts and laughter from morning to night. Since noise can easily echo off the water, you’re always going to hear more than if you were facing away from the pool. It’s also a popular spot for late hangouts and rowdy behavior, so you should consider getting a room with another view.

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For more tips on how to make your hotel room feel like home when you travel, especially when you are on a business tips, check the blog post published by our Chicago limo service friends at Pontarelli and get the best out of your accommodation.

Posted on Nov 07 2017

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