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5 Ways to Ruin Your Business Trip?


If you’re like most executives, you have to constantly think about how to ensure your business trip will be a success. There are many challenges to steer through, from the right transportation plan to ensuring you can stay in touch the whole time. There are 5 major things that could lead to your trip not going the way you want; this post lets you know what they are, so you don’t make any mistakes on the road.

Not researching your hotel

Accommodation may have a priority during the planning process but the truth is that there is no getting away from conducting enough research. The hotel may be from your favorite chain; it should also be positioned in the right place for all your transport and business needs and must ensure you’re comfortable throughout.

Not fully planning

Executives may be exceptionally capable people but someone needs to ensure that all the small details like transfer timings and gifts has been considered. It is these small details that can make the difference between catching a flight and not.

Not getting the balance right

Business travel can present many challenges in terms of rest and temptation. On one hand, you probably will not get as much actual rest as would normally be the case. On the other hand, there will be more temptations to drink and eat too much and to skip workouts. The good business traveler will try to keep everything balanced.

Not packing correctly

Packing for business travel can and often does go wrong. You should aim for a carry-on bag that has all you need to stay comfortable. You should try and pack modular clothing that can be dressed up and down as necessary and don’t forget all the chargers you need.

Not booking a car service

The bit that will make all the hectic transits, in a new town, with fickle traffic patterns work is a good car service. If you can guarantee that you’ll be able to get something done between meetings and you’ll never be late, then many problems will disappear.

We hope this short post keeps your business travel productive. As a Los Angeles based ground transportation company, Exclusive Sedan can offer more than just advice for planning the perfect trip - we provide the full spectrum of business and leisure chauffeured transportation and have a long history of working with business people and delivering outstanding levels of service, planning advice and support. Operating in the Los Angeles area and with affiliates throughout the world, we’d love to hear from you, so call us today to ensure one aspect of your business transport is not a concern.


Posted on Feb 20 2014

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