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6 Great Business Books to Read on the Road


When traveling, you have the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the hottest business books published, whether it is an actual hardback or paperback, eBook on your phone, tablet, or laptop, or perhaps an audible book. Even on extremely busy trips, there is always time to enjoy reading. After all, you have time waiting for your flight, while being driven to your destination by an LA limousine service, relaxing in your hotel room, and so on.


Great Business Books for 2016


Among the many exciting business books this year, the following are six ranked among the best:


  1. The Filter Bubble—Written by Eli Pariser, this book focuses on the personalization that is already occurring on every major website, including Twitter, ABC News, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, and others. As websites tailor themselves to what people want, the online experience is changing, and not in a good way. The Filter Bubble addresses the fact that personalization could actually undermine the original purpose of the Internet. A vision for changing course is also addressed in this book.


  1. The Hard Thing about Hard Things—Author Ben Horowitz writes about the different decisions that go hand-in-hand with building a company, and how those decisions are not always black or white.


  1. The Everything Store—When it comes to entrepreneur therapy, author Brad Stone hit the nail on the head with this amazing business book. When being driven around by the chauffeur of a reputable Los Angeles limousine service or sitting in your hotel room after a day of meetings, you can read about getting a business off the ground and on its way to success.


  1. First Things First—Writer Stephen R. Covey discusses the prioritization and goal setting associated with being an effective CEO. This book is filled with incredible insight into being the best CEO possible.


  1. The Power of Now—Written by Eckhart Tolle, this business book will take you on an inspirational journey to finding your true self so that you ultimately achieve personal growth that translates into business success.


  1. High Output Management—As explained by author Andrew S. Grove, there is a definite skill in creating and maintaining a new business. The bottom line is that managing is an essential tool that all entrepreneurs should use.


Succeeding in Business


Good decisions lead to business success. By reading these and other business books, you can learn from others to avoid making costly mistakes. However, good decisions also consist of hiring the right LAX limo company, booking an appropriate meeting venue, working with technology, and more. Everything combined will help you build and grow a thriving business.

Posted on Mar 15 2016

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