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6 Important Things to Consider When Delegating Your Wedding Tasks


It’s understandable that you’ll like to have a say in everything when it comes to your own wedding. After all, it’s a huge milestone for anyone, and you’re just probably beginning to realize that relinquishing control on anything is not as easy as it seems. 
However, if you’ve already started planning and looking into preparing for it, you’ll start to realize that your ever-growing list is starting to grow just that little bit tedious and burdensome, and you’ll probably come to the point where you wonder if getting some much-needed help would make the whole process a lot more enjoyable. However, we understand that you might not be used to delegating, so we’ve prepared some useful tips to help you get started:


Let’s face it; you can’t do everything. Even if you could, you really shouldn’t put yourself in the position of doing so much that you experience a burnout. The right way to handle this is to first discuss things with your partner. Co-decide on the priorities that you definitely prefer to handle on your own. For example, if the arrangement and design of your wedding bouquet and reception flowers is something that’s really important to you, don’t delegate this task.
Likewise, if you’re not particular about the type of drinks served during the reception, you can always delegate this task to specific family members or friends. This is not to say that they’re going to be handling it on their own without informing you, but rather that they’ll be researching and shortlisting options before getting back to you.

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner or coordinator doesn’t have to eat into your entire bank account. In fact, having them around would most likely help you save on money, and more importantly, the amount of personal time you’ll be expanding on preparing for your wedding day. With experts on hand, they’ll be able to help you prepare, organize and delegate tasks that you would much rather wash your hands off. 
They’ll also take care of all the other minute tasks that take forever, like liaising with vendors and creating different types of call sheets to follow-up with. After all, you’ll be hiring them for something they’re supposedly good at, and they’ll usually come with their own trusted list of vendors and suppliers that they’re used to working with regularly.

Count on the Creativity of Others 

When you’ve figured out which tasks you’re comfortable letting others handle, you’ll want to think about the creativity of your family and friends that you can use. For example, if your sister is familiar and updated on makeup and hair styling trends, ask her to help research on various makeup artist and hairstylists. 
Let her know what you have in mind, then allow her to come up with her own list of recommendations before meeting up with you. You’re not going to be shut out of the process, and you’ll be able to let leverage on the talents of your family members and friends in order to push through the legwork a lot more smoothly and efficiently.

Gather Many Ideas 

Although there is the saying that too many cooks can spoil the broth, it’s also true that one cook can get really tired doing everything by herself. It’s always good to have others around us to use as a sounding board for our ideas. Generating new concepts and ideas will take time and energy, so why not use the power of collective minds to accomplish this? 
Get a couple of friends or family members whose opinions you trust, and just start throwing out ideas and discussing possibilities for your upcoming wedding. Once you’ve narrowed down the possible options on hand, you can then proceed to delegating tasks to the right people.

Trust Those Around You 

Once you’ve handed out the tasks to be executed, you need to let others handle it in their own way. What this means is that you have to let go of the reins in order for those around you to truly be effective. Stop looking over their shoulder and instead trust that they will do a good job. 
However, this does not mean that you’ll be washing your hands entirely off the entire process, but rather that your role has now changed to following up with them and relying on their expertise to bring everything together. This will free up your own mind space in order to concentrate on the things which truly matter to you.

Use Helpful Tools 

In the age of mind-boggling advance technology, it makes sense to use the tools and services around us. For example, if you have totally no idea how to handle Photoshop or use any software to design your wedding invitations, you could easily go to dedicated websites and allow for affordable and expert help to do it for you instead. Similarly, if you have absolutely no idea how to plan and manage the transportation for you and your partner and your wedding guests, it’s good to have a professional limo service working with you. 

Our LA limo service has seen its fair share of weddings, and we’re more than happy to help you plan and execute the best wedding ever. Just bring your ideas over to us and we’ll do our best to come up with the most attractive packages suited to your needs. 
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Posted on Apr 16 2019

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