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6 Simple Rules to Limousine Etiquette That You Should Know


There’s just something completely special and exciting about riding in a limo. In fact, wouldn’t you agree that it really is one of the best parts of any event? Whether it’s for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, the prom, or even just a night on the town, it’s great to be able to completely relax and have fun while our experienced Los Angeles chauffeurs take over the task of driving.

To ensure that you have a blast with us, there are a couple of limo etiquette rules that will make your time with us a lot more enjoyable. Hence, we’ve put together a basic list of dos and don’ts that you should refer to and practice from now on:



Determine the Number of Passengers

You should definitely let us know how many passengers will be coming along for the ride at any point in time. We do understand that there might be possible last-minute add-ons, so it’s always good to alert us as soon as possible so that we can provide you and everyone else with the right vehicle for the occasion.


Know How to Enter and Exit

Contrary to getting in and out of most cars, entering and exiting a limo might be a little trickier if you don’t get the hang of it. However, we’ve summed up what you should do in a few steps as possible to make your life a whole lot easier:

  • Allow the chauffeur to open the door for you
  • Sit down in the first empty seat
  • Swing your legs in
  • Proceed to scoot or move along the seats till you reach the one you want
  • When exiting, wait for the chauffeur to open the door, then swing your legs out and proceed to stand up


Treat the Limo Well

We regularly maintain and keep our limos in excellent condition, and we thank you for doing your best to leave our vehicles in the condition you received it in. We’ll appreciate it if you would take any trash along with you to throw away and do be sure to not leave your personal belongings behind.



Go Overboard

It’s great to have fun and enjoy yourself during the ride but do remember not to engage in any activities that would endanger both yourself, other passengers, and the chauffeur. If alcohol is on the menu, remember not to overindulge, and if you want to smoke inside the limo, do check with us first to see if that is allowed.


Disrespect Your Chauffeur

Our Los Angeles chauffeurs are some of the best around, and we would really appreciate it if you would treat them with respect. Their job requires them to be professional and alert on the road, and they’re more than happy to accommodate your needs and wants as long as it’s achievable and not illegal.

If you can’t wait to enjoy a ride with our e, just give us a call or book our services online now.

Posted on Jul 10 2018

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