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6 Tips for Coping with International Business Travel


There is no getting away from the fact that international business travel can be stressful. As a ground transportation company, we see the physical and mental effects on our clients daily. The sad truth is that some of the pain is avoidable; with some simple preparation you can avoid some of the most stressful elements of travel. That’s why we’ve brought you these 6 insider tips for international travel to make your experience a bit more pleasant.

Be nice to customs agents

Unfortunately, customs agents wield enormous power to make your life difficult for a very short period of time: be nice, even if they don’t deserve it. You must expect, as a business traveler, to come under extra scrutiny. And, never say “do you know who I am,” they don’t care and will just make your life harder. A bit of patience will result in you getting home quicker.

Rest before you go

You’ve got to expect that once you arrive, a combination of jet lag, new surroundings and stress will limit the amount of rest you’re likely to get. Therefore, one of the best things to do is rest before you go, or on the plane.  You should turn up with the expectation that you will jump straight into work, so turn up prepared to do just that.

Familiarize yourself with key local customs

You can save yourself embarrassment and your host’s blushes by simply learning a few of the local ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. In the Middle East the left hand can cause offense. In China, red normally means go or good unlike its associations with stop or danger in the west – this does not yet extent to traffic lights, however. The best way to do this is simply to do a quick search on business customs, before you go or perhaps while en-route.

Research connectivity options ahead of time

Free wireless is almost a given in the United States – this is not the case in many parts of the world. Even some top-end hotels can charge extortionate rates for a pretty slow connection. A quick question, posed to your intended hotel may save a lot of time and effort once you get there.

Eat sensibly

Nothing will make your trip a failure faster than bad food. If you end up bed-ridden, with dehydration through diarrhea, you are not going to achieve anything. So avoid raw fruits, vegetables, tap water (even ‘safe’ water may cause a reaction – stick to bottled), go for better quality eating establishments and stick to the most sensible options.

 Use technology to your advantage

Technology is a key enabler for travelers. From maps to translation apps, a smart phone can turn a confused visitor into a savvy traveler. Tech can also stop you from making a currency conversion error and getting ripped off. And, most importantly, it can keep you connected with your loved ones.

Bonus: Use affiliate ground transportation in-country

Your first half an hour in-country is your most vulnerable time; it is when you’re most disorientated, tired and vulnerable. We suggest bookingyour ground transportation in advance to save you any inconvenience. At Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide, we only operate with the best affiliates and can assure our customers that they will receive a level of service as close to that that they would expect with us in the United States. While we may not be able to remove all the hazards from your journey, with us you will never have to worry about ground transportation, anywhere, ever.

The ground transportation phase of international travel should never be difficult.  Wherever you travel in the world, Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide will take care of your every need and help you get needed rest and reduce your travel stress.

Posted on Jul 05 2013

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