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8 Questions You Should Ask Your Caterer Before An Event


For event planners, successful catering is one of the ‘must work’ aspects. Get in wrong and the event could fail and every one will remember the terrible food and beverage, get it right and it will barely be worthy of mention. So this post deals with the 8 critical questions that you caterer should successfully answer to ensure that your event will be a success.

1.            What is your signature?

Every catering company will have its own specialty, so it’s a good idea to find this out in advance. Further, you need to know what their level of expertise and style is. Questions like: “how would you describe your food” or “what is the difference between you and other caters” are best, as they’re open.

2.            How will you cater for guests with dietary restrictions and allergies?

Providing for special dietary needs—like vegetarian, kosher, vegan and gluten-free— are not really negotiable in today’s catering environment. So your caterer has got to provide satisfactory answers to these questions.

3.            How do you source your food?

Knowing where your food will come from is not just about keeping up with the farm-to-table movement, it’s also about checking that the provider is responsible and capable. If they are both these things, they’ll know straight away where their fruit, vegetables and meat come from. If they don’t know or, more likely don’t answer straight away, they’re maybe not the best outfit. Plus, your guests are likely to be interested in where their food is coming from.

4.            Are you appropriately insured and do you have all the necessary permits?

As an event organizer, you need to take care of everything and not just get seduced by the exotic smells and tastes. You need to check that the company has all the necessary health and safety measures in place, so ask.

5.            What are your water and power requirements?

Along with the health and safety matters, you need to get the practical matters in order. Water and power may not be easy to fix at the last minute, so it’s a good idea to find out what you’re going to need and plan early to make sure it happen.

6.            Which rentals does your proposal include?

Rental inclusions will make a big difference to your bottom line, so you need to get an idea in advance. You need to check if they’re any other expenses which are not included in the catering company’s proposal but that you’ll need to factor in later.

7.            How does your staff dress?

The dress of the catering staff is going to have an effect on your event’s overall feel, so you need to check this one in advance. Most will go for black slacks, a white button-down shirt, and black tie, this may be fine but equally, it could ruin your desired theme or decoration, so consider it at this stage.

8.            How is staff tipping handled?

Tipping can be a sensitive issue, so get it out in the open early. Soliciting tips will probably be inappropriate and cause embarrassment on all sides, so a well place question will avoid this.

Getting catering right is important to your event’s success. We hope that at the very least these short tips will prevent you from having any disasters on this front. Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide can ensure that one other aspect goes according to plan: as a luxury and corporate limousine company, we have a massive amount of experience of supporting all kinds of events in the Los Angeles area with efficient, punctual and deluxe transport. We can scale our services to meet all needs and budgets, so call us today to make this aspect of you event a certain success.



Posted on Oct 25 2013

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