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A Look at the Latest Technological Amenities Offered at Hotels


Not all hotels keep up with the latest developments in technology. You can see this in cases where facilities fail to offer Wi-Fi service, for example, despite this becoming an industry standard to attract and keep guests coming back. A lack of decent TV programming is another sign that you are not staying in a top-notch hotel. 

With that in mind, a recent article at Travel And Leisure examined some of the tech innovations that hotels are starting to take advantage of to improve the guest experience.

For example, Starwood Hotels is reportedly investing $100 million between now and 2017, offering room service menus on iPads and letting guests use an app to adjust the temperature and lights in their rooms. 

Behind many new technology innovations is Starlab, a digital and design studio in Manhattan that aims to find the next innovations for hotels.

Of particular noteworthiness at Starlab are a couple of wall-mounted displays that showcase streaming images taken by hotel guests at Starwood hotels around the world. The majority of these curated images were of food, which is always a favorite of social media enthusiasts.

Regarding ordering room service via an app, Travel and Leisure noted that the first room service order made with a mobile device was a Caesar salad. We can expect to see more examples hotels letting guests use tablets and other gadgets to request service going forward.

Starwood is also preparing to deploy a series of Bluetooth beacons in its public areas, designed to transmit details about guests as they approach staff members, so the hotel employees can greet each person by their name.

Hotels are also stepping up their game when it comes to social media. Starwood is said to have hired about 30 employees who are tasked with monitoring what people are saying on Twitter and Facebook, to the tune of 3 million social media updates each year. 

Guests turned to social media to complain about check-in lines as well as to get help when they’ve locked themselves out of their rooms (it’s easier to tap your mobile device’s screen that it would be to take the elevator down to the lobby to have someone let you in).

At Exclusive Sedan, we know how much our passengers rely on the comforting amenities at hotels to stay refreshed during business trips. We’re glad to hear that hotels are taking advantage of new technologies to offer guests a much better experience.

Posted on Apr 08 2015

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