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Are You Ready for Some Football? Here are Los Angeles' best bet!


For some people, fall is a time for festivals, but for many who live in Los Angeles, it entails being hopeful about football. While fans will still have to cheer on a different favorite team this year, things could be very different in 2016 with three teams battling for a spot in LA.

New Reports

Late last fall, NBC reported that one or two teams were being sent to Los Angeles by the NFL in anticipation of one staying. Now, an insider confirms there are actually three teams and that things are moving along, with anticipation of an announcement sometime during the 2015 season or 2016 off-season. LA has not had its own professional football team in over 20 years, so this is an exciting time.

Teams Being Considered

Three teams are currently being considered for Los Angeles: the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers. While the Chargers left LA in 1961, both the Rams and Raiders left following the close of the 1994 season. The Raiders are free to leave Oakland since their lease ran out last year, whereas the Rams would be penalized and the Chargers forced to pay a relocation fee.

Team Comparisons

  • Rams – For quite some time, the Rams have been a favorite, primarily because their lease is up with Oakland. In addition, when it comes to plans in LA, owner Stan Kroenke has been the most aggressive of the three. The biggest challenge at this point is that the other two contenders are stepping things up. 

  • Chargers – The Chargers’ owner, Dean Spanos, along with Raider’s owner Mark Davis spent $1.7 billion on a stadium project within the LA suburb of Carson to be shared by both teams. City leaders in San Diego recently revealed a $1.1 billion stadium project, although issues of financing and viability still exist. Having a stadium gives the Chargers a nice advantage.

  • Raiders – Without necessary funding to move the team to LA, the Raiders will have to take a “wait and see” approach regarding the two other teams. There is also the fact that owner Davis has said on more than one occasion that he really wants to keep his team in Oakland. The problem is that there has been little progress made on the new $900 million stadium.

Heading to the Games

Regardless of which of the three teams you actually get to see play as an LA team, limousine services will make it easier and safer to get to and from the stadium. Call Exclusive Sedan today to book your ride to the best games in town!

Posted on Aug 26 2015

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