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Be A Better Manager


Many people simply do what their managers say because they are the boss; they don’t feel particularly led and may not feel they own a future stake in their outputs. Similarly, many managers will be perplexed when they encounter resistance and cannot get their employees do follow their lead.

The answer in both cases is to be a better manager.

Start close to home

Before you can become a better manager, you’re going to need to take a really close look at yourself. Try and write down words that characterize how you manage. This short exercise should, if you’re honest, reveal a lot about the kind of manager you are. More usefully, it may also start to show you areas that will require effort. Work on your weaknesses and develop your strengths.

Everyone is unique

Good managers are often those who take a personnel interest in their employees. People will not trust a boss who shows no interest in them personally or even worse shows an indifference towards them. Equally, a manager who doesn’t know their employees will have a hard time getting the best out of them. The first way you could become a better manager is by taking a little time each day to get to know your employees better. What makes them tick? why are they working here?, etc.

Mutual Success

Great managers build great teams. You should focus your efforts on building the sort of team that will deliver success; this leads directly on from the point above about knowing your employees. The individuals in your team need to be coached, inspired and motivated on journey to mutual success. It is just the manager that helps them get there.

The second aspect of building a great team is to ensure that the team functions effectively together. The start point for this must be trust and a vision, which enabled by delegation and mutual goals, should allow a team to find its natural balance. At this point the task of the manager becomes keeping a hand on the tiller, while fully empowered team-members cooperate to get the tasks done.

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Posted on Apr 02 2014

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