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Best-Kept Secrets for Business Travelers


Business travelers should be fully aware and prepared for the busiest travel season that is just around the corner. In case you frequently travel as a representative for your company, you surely know all of the following advice. But for those who are just getting started, these tips for a stress-free travel experience are quite handy.


Book early

First of all, try to book a flight with plenty of time ahead so that you can choose the departure time you prefer. If you postpone buying the ticket, you will discover that there are no more vacancies because everyone will try to get to summer concerts, festivals or large corporate meetings and events. There is another advantage: by booking your flight weeks or months in advance, you will enjoy lower costs and be relieved of the stress of last-minute booking.


Start on Saturdays

Saturday appears to be the best day to travel, studies say. Therefore, we suggest business travelers start their business trip over the weekend rather than choosing an early morning Monday flight. In case you do decide to leave Saturday, verify that the cheaper fare is not counterbalanced by the cost of the extra nights that you have to stay at the hotel. If you can't take a Saturday flight, the next-best option is to travel on Wednesday. The general opinion is that Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons are the most tumultuous and stressful times to travel.


Rise and shine

Since the aircraft usually reach the airport the previous night, the early morning flights, around 5 or 6 a.m., seem to almost always depart on time, in contrast with those leaving later in the day. Also, by leaving early in the morning, you can avoid those masses who travel for pleasure or have more time for meetings throughout the day, since you are spending less time traveling during regular business hours.


Go mobile

We recommend you don't forget to register for status updates from your travel-management company or the airline you have chosen. That way, you will always be informed, through messages, about flight delays, gate changes or alternative travel possibilities if your itinerary must be changed, ensuring that your trip will go smoothly and be efficient. You should also download your ticket information and boarding pass to a tablet or your mobile phone so that you can have all your travel information altogether and at hand. Did you know that many hotel apps not only offer information about the respective hotel but also repay you with free Wi-Fi, newspapers and other bonuses?


Skip the line

An important source of stress during a business trip is waiting at the long security lines. Expedited security programs are a great option for the frequent travelers, as they can skip spending too much time behind less experienced travelers or large families. These programs grant you quicker access to the gate, improving your overall travel experience. Many hotels also come to your aid by offering secure online check-in a few days before you arrive. All you have to do is check in online and your room will be ready for you.


Fly direct

If you are in a hurry to attend a conference or an event, you can't afford any delays or miss a connecting flight. Therefore, you should always try to book only direct flights.


Book smart

When going on a business trip, discuss with your travel-management company to strategically select the flight, hotel, and ground transportation provider. Make all the possible arrangements to maximize the points you can earn while still following the company policy. When considering air travel, try to choose airline partners who have loyalty programs and give you the possibility to earn frequent flyer points. At some point in time, these points will turn into perks among which are free luggage or pre-boarding, for example. When it comes to hotel accommodations, look for those who have various brands under their belt. You can benefit from certain perks in this domain too, such as in-room water bottles or complimentary breakfast.



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Posted on May 24 2016

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