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The Best Pieces to Include in Your Smart Casual Wear


It’s definitely a daunting task to put together an outfit that everybody can agree on as “smart casual”. First of all, there’s no preset rule that determines how many items in our ensemble are casual and how many are smart. Secondly, it also depends on the occasion or location. If you’re ever in a dilemma, you should always verve towards a dressier choice rather than a casual one. Now, let’s take a look at some smart casual styling essentials for both men and women:



Dark Colored Jeans

 It’s perfectly alright to wear a pair of jeans when you’re going for smart casual. About the only thing you need to remember is to go for a dark-colored pair. This means navy blue or black as they come across as more formal.


Get the Shoes Right

 No sneakers, unless specifically allowed. Instead, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of dress shoes or boots as you can easily switch between smart casual and formal in an instant.


Wear a Utility Shirt

 For that slight edge, choose a nice utility shirt. This means one with a collar, whether it’s of the button-down or spread variety. Maintain long sleeves or roll them back to above the elbows if you want a more dressed down look.


The Outerwear Matters

 Don’t spoil your ensemble by choosing to wear a tuxedo (too formal) or a navy blazer with metallic buttons. You’ll want to look both sharp and feel comfortable at the same time, so a good option to aim for is a Harrington or bomber jacket.


Don’t Stinge on Quality

 Cotton will be your best friend (especially at 100%). Not only is it one of the most breathable fabric choices in the market, it’s also comfortable on our skin and gets even more so over time.



Get Comfortable Bottoms

 A safe choice to adhere to is neutral or dark-colored pants and skirts. You’ll want to go for something slim-fitting, yet not overly tight. If you do decide to go for a colored bottom, you should pair it up with a neutral or mild-colored top.


Your Best Bet: A Dress

 You can never really go wrong with a dress. A patterned one leans on the more casual side and a simple, minimalist print presents itself more formally. Just remember to get a nice length, which means a hem that reaches down to just above the knees or below.


Choose a Good Pair of Shoes

 Heels and close-toed pumps are essentials in your smart-casual ensemble. They’ll give you just the right boost of elegance and they’ll never go out of style. Another option you can consider is flats. By wearing them, your outfit will immediately look more casual.


Opt for Simple Jewelry

 Statement jewelry is pretty inexpensive. If your outfit is simpler, you can always put on a sleek pair of earrings or a larger-sized necklace to complete your look. If you’re already spotting prints and patterns in your look, you’ll want to tone down on the accessories.


You Can Depend on Blazers

 This one additional piece makes all the difference when it comes to upping your smart casual game. Look for a fitted cut that hugs your body in all the right places without being overly tight.

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Posted on Dec 19 2017

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