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Best tips for hosting memorable corporate events


Corporate events aren’t typically embraced for their fun and exciting moments. We know many people view them as necessary rather than fun, and we want to help change that ugly reputation. Our LA Airport Shuttle service chauffeurs know a thing or two about corporate events given the number of corporate employees we transport each day, and we’ve learned a lot from them. When it comes to hosting a corporate event that’s both fun and enjoyable, we have a few tips that might help you change the face of the game.

Hire the Right Service

Our limousine bus service in Los Angeles provides a great method of transportation for your corporate guests. Who can ignore the feeling of riding in style and luxury when they can avoid taking another form of transportation less luxurious? If you want your corporate guests in a great mood long before they even arrive at your event, make sure they get to ride in style with us.

Don’t Forget the Food

We all remember something special about every event we attend, and the food is at the top of the list. For your corporate event to be a success, properly feeding your guests should be a priority. If it’s all day, provide amazing meals, all-day coffee stations with good coffee, and be sure to include meals for each portion of the day. The better the food at this event, the better the entire situation for all who make it their goal to attend your event.

Find the Right Speaker

A good speaker is a memorable speaker. Your goal is to make sure your guests leave the event on the phone with their spouse at home talking about how great this speaker was. You want them laughing, taking notes, and you want them listening intently. You want them to be sure they’re getting the best advice, and they’re entertained. Someone who inspires people without coming across as cheesy or annoying, but someone who can make people laugh with their great stories and sense of humor is a perfect combination.

Give A Little Gift

A monogrammed pen with your business name is fine, but it’s not what people want from the corporate event. They all have pens, and we all have no more room in our lives for another pen. This is when it’s time to think outside the box. How about a flask with the business name, or a gift certificate to a local spa? Whatever people use in real life is the best way to gift them items. If they can use it and enjoy it, it’s automatically a wonderful gift.

Corporate events have a reputation for being less than ideal, but that’s not the rule. We know you can help your guests enjoy themselves with our luxurious, safe, and reliable transportation. Our chauffeurs are the best in the business, and we make sure your corporate guests are treated like royalty anytime they are with us. If that’s not what it takes to start a great corporate event off on the right foot, nothing is.

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Posted on May 23 2017

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