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The Best Travel Destinations of 2018


From sun-kissed beaches to a refreshing hike, there’s bound to be some place on Earth you’re looking forward to visiting in 2018. You might even want to travel to an Asian capital and immerse yourself in the local culture or take in the beautiful sights in an African town.

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Now, let’s take a look at some fabulous holiday destinations this coming new year:


The Bahamas

Itching to feel the sand beneath your feet? Well, you just might want to consider a trip to the Bahamas for the new year. White sandy beaches and gently lapping waves will be your very best friends while you’re there. If you’re into diving and would love to immerse yourself in a beautiful underwater world, this is the spot you’ll want to visit as it’s got some really great diving spots. It’s also an ideal place to consider for a romantic escape, even if it’s just for the weekend.


Bordeaux, France

As the world’s most famous wine region, this is where notable brands like Chateau Margaux, Petrus, Yquem, Lafite and many more originate from. If you’ve always wanted to tour the region to taste their finest offerings, it’s best to go during springtime or early in the fall. If you want to appreciate the warm summer sun, you can also visit during the months of June to September. Here, you can easily take a relaxing stroll beside the river and even visit Le Miroir d'Eau, the largest reflecting pool in the world.


Cape Town, Africa

Surround yourself with beautiful natural scenery and a rich blend of culture in Africa’s southern coastal city. This gorgeous playground offers Mediterranean climate and you can easily visit any time of the year. If you’re into walking and taking in the sights, this city is your go-to destination. It is also considered the culinary capital of South Africa, so be prepared to eat and experience diverse food offerings, both local and international and a combination of both.


Tokyo, Japan

This popular tourist destination in the Land of the Rising Sun is almost a perfect blend of ancient tradition and modern luxury. With a super-efficient public transportation system, a high level of public safety and a staggering number of Michelin-starred restaurants, you’ll definitely want to add this city to your list of must-see places. Depending on which season you want to enjoy (since they each give you a different glimpse of the city), there are also many different activities and sights you can indulge in all year round.



Are you into outdoor activities? How about backpacking and hiking? Well, if you said yes to all three, you’ll want to pay Iceland a visit this time round. Enjoy the company of the friendly locals (yes, they speak good English) and take in amazing scenery that can sometimes seem surreal. If you’re not too much a fan of the cold, you can always visit during the months of May to September when it’s warmer and when there’s also extra sunlight hours.

Posted on Jan 09 2018

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