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Big Airport Alternatives


A Harris Interactive study says 88% of travelers flying into "alternative airports" not only reported a happier experience, but the vast majority (77%) found the experience less stressful, too. The main driver in making the alternative airport decision is airfare.  Many alternative airports have lower fares, but others, quite the opposite.  When the savings are worth the change to an alternative airport, you need never worry about getting to/from the airport, especially in an unknown destination.  Exclusive Sedan Service  has an international network of quality service providers around the world – we know all the airports – the big, the small, and even the private - and the best, most efficient route to get you to your meeting or event – no matter where in the world you’re headed.

A note to our New York Metro-bound clients:  You may want to seriously reconsider your travel plans if you were thinking of booking a flight in or out of Newark’s Liberty Airport in New Jersey anytime soon. But there’s good news too for travelers: the larger JFK Airport was absent from the Top 10 list of delays at airports. Of the 100 most-delayed flights over the past year, 40 of them originate at Newark, according to data compiled for Scott McCartney and “The Wall Street Journal” on Thursday by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. But there’s good news too for New York-bound travelers: the larger JFK Airport was absent from the Top 10 list of delays at airports and is often a good alternative to Newark Liberty.

The list itself is a “must read” for frequent business travelers – it tells you specifically what flights to avoid.  Finally, a way to make an “informed decision” on what flight you might like to select.

For more insight and tips regarding alternative airports, SmarterTravel provides a great article on the subject.

Posted on Aug 19 2011

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