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Chauffeur advice: Three worst options for LAX Transportation


According to 2015 statistics, LAX is the seventh busiest airport in the world.

This large airport handles over 70 million passengers a year. You know what that means? It means that going to the airport actually requires solid planning, just like a road trip. Imagine the frustrations you can encounter when driving to and from the airport, imagine the traffic.

Luckily the plan doesn't have to be elaborate only concrete solid. That being said we give you the three worst choices for LAX Transportation and the solid plan.

1. Public Transportation

Taking the bus to the airport. Does a business executive even consider this? Ok, probably maybe a family with two little kids. No? It's a terrible decision for everybody. Imagine the hassle with your luggage. Taking the bus to the airport guarantees you a tremendous amount of stress, inconvenience and most likely a lost flight.

2. Cabs or Taxis

No offense but, taxis are known as one of the scariest forms of transportation, in LA. They say the bigger the city, the worse the driving skills. Well, sure that they are not all like this, when you come to think about you say: "Hey, they do this for a living, so driving skills should be their strength, right?" Unfortunately, trying to find a skilled, honest taxi driver in LA is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

3. Driving Yourself

Probably not the worst but definitely the most stressful choice for airport transportation, at least to or from LAX. You'll have the room you need, a clean car if it's yours, we are not sure about the rental, but what about parking? Parking fees are not cheap and if you need to stay on your business trip more than a couple of days, storing your car in the airport parking lot will be an arm and a leg. That's one, because yes, there's another issue. Are you sure your car will be in good hands? What does guarantee you that you will not find it scratched or worse hit? Exactly. No one.

We wrote earlier that you are in need of a solid plan. How does a solid plan sound?

  1. Experienced, skilled and excellent chauffeur
  2. Room for luggage
  3. Nice clean vehicle
  4. On time arrival and pick up
  5. No stress

This is how a solid plan looks like. We call it Exclusive Sedan. Consider this option when you want to get to or from LAX safe, on time and laid back.

Book your LAX Limo Service. We are a solid option.

Posted on Dec 07 2016

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