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Corporate Travel Focus 2014: Travel Risk Management, Data Security and Mobile Tech


Corporate travel management company, HRG, has predicted that 2014 will see an increasing focus on risk management, data security and additional mobile technology. We know our customers like to stay in touch with developments and predictions in the world of business travel, so this week’s post brings you some predictions for what will be big in 2014.

Travel Risk Management

The UK-based HRG believes travel management departments will expand their capacity for risk management. This will be in part due to more overall international travel to emerging markets, where travel safety is a concern and also due to more instability in these regions themselves. West Africa and South East Asia where both growth areas, with these trends according to the predictions.

HRG recommends companies develop crisis response capabilities as they develop business opportunities in these emerging markets. “All clients demand a level of control to ensure their corporate duty of care responsibilities are met. Travel managers require at the touch of the button the ability to see where their travellers are and have the risk management procedures in place to help them when they are in need.” Said, Stewart Harvey, HRG Group commercial director.

Travel Data Security

HRG also sees an increased prominence of a global data consolidation strategy as the best mitigation to the risks associated with privacy and data protection. The enforcement of such a strategy would mean quality control assurances should protect corporate travel information from loss or theft.

Harvey added: “Data protection and privacy concerns have dominated the news agenda in 2013. Well publicised incidents involving compromised corporate data, and the risks this brings to personal privacy, has sharpened clients focus on the security of their travel related data.”

Mobile Technology

While nothing new, HRG firmly has the view that mobile tech still has much room for development in the realm of business travel going forward. Linked to data security issues, the expansion of mobile tech will compound policy compliance issues for travel managers but present even more opportunities for gains through integration in the coming year, the TMC predicted. Specifically, mobile tech, sensibly implemented can assist with compliance, control and monitoring of travel; opening up ever more opportunities for travel managers to find efficiencies

Harvey again: “Not only will consolidating the travel programme reduce risk to client’s data, their traveler’s privacy and their security, it will also provide opportunity for cost savings.”

The importance of mobile tech was also highlighted in a recent study of corporate travel trends by Amadeus. The study revealed that the vast majority (83%) of TMC and agencies believe smartphones would have a moderate to significant impact on their business going forward in the coming year.

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Posted on Jan 07 2014

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