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Could Your Smartphone Be Making You Stupid?


Is Your Smartphone Making You Stupid?

Despite the ironic title, we can all recognize that a smartphone can sometime give us an attention span that is something akin to a 6 year olds – we are trying to get something done and but a vibration or pin has just ruined our concentration and we want to look at our ‘phone ‘to see if it’s something important’. And that’s before you think about what it does to our spelling; a professor in the UK even claimed recently that there was limited point in children learning high levels or spelling and grammar as everyone of them has something in their pocket which could already do the job! Actually that’s taking his comments partially out of context but the point remains: smartphones have had an effect on our basic skill levels and concentration.

Is this all hot air? Can we really spell, concentrate and survive without our smartphones – it’s just the case that we just prefer to have them, use them and in fact, feel they make us more productive.  This post takes a critical look at what smartphones can do to you, so you’re in the position to grasp the effect and draw your own conclusion.

Attention Span

There’s another aspect to the smartphone-enabled life: the effect it has on your routine. Untold numbers of people have a routine that goes: wake up glance at phone, browse emails and check facebook; maybe make a couple of posts and then start the day. This gets repeated regularly throughout the day. It’s just great to know who’s following what and to check out the latest photos.

The centre of the problem is the effect it has on our attention span. The great thing about a smartphone is that it allows us to get so much more done at one time. We can make breakfast at the same time as catching up with someone or find out the latest news while brushing our teeth. This means we get more done? Sadly, this is not always the case. More often we are only using a tiny bit of our mental effort and, just like a child, thinking about what’s going to come next, this means we’re, often not really absorbing what we’re doing and progressively eroding our ability to really concentrate. That is of course if we really need to concentrate on the task at all. Maybe not, but we don’t want to lose the ability to, though.

It’s not all bad: smartphone addicts will often hear about news far quicker than consumers of traditional media - someone is bound to tweet about it before we read a newspaper. They can also have a perverse effect on language usage: apparently, the concise nature of Latin means that it is a great language to tweet in.

At Exclusive Sedan we know our customers are busy people who, mostly, love technology. Far from being victims of their smartphones they’re the smartest people we know. We hope that they stay that way and so hope this post has illuminated an aspect of their routines. For exclusive ground transportation, we should be your first choice in the Los Angeles area. We can help with everything from airport transfers to corporate coaches and it is always smart!

Posted on Aug 23 2013

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