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Else Expects 7 Million Travelers to Connect with Else Globe App in 2015


limo service los angeles, LA limo service, sedan service los angeles, sedan serviceTravelers looking to make a connection with someone in a new city can take now advantage of the new Else Globe app, which is expected to be used by millions of travelers in 2015.

What will you do with your free time during your next business trip? When you’ve been on the road for a while and would like to make some friends to have with fun in a new city, you might want to consider using the Else app to help you find some interesting fellow travelers.

Else has released the new Else Globe app and estimates that 7 million people in 43 countries will be using it in 2015 to make connections and plans to get together in groups around shared interests. Else’s app is designed to fill in the gap between the friends you already have online through social media, such as Facebook.

Now in version 4.0, the Else app is available for iOS and Android platforms as a free download. The update includes a group chat feature to help you finalize your plans with new people. The company is preparing to make special travel industry branded versions of the Else app as well.

Examples of activities that you can coordinate with Else include locating people who would like to attend a classical music concert that night, or to arrange a group outing to a local museum or special restaurant. Whatever strikes your fancy, you can find people who would be interested in going to new places and exploring the city with you.

Whether you are using a limousine service to take you to an airport in Los Angeles or are coming back to L.A. from a lengthy business trip, you’ll be glad to have access to travelers with similar interests thanks to the new Else Globe app.

Posted on Jan 23 2015

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