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Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration in Your Workplace Today


You’ve probably encountered the element of teamwork (or the lack thereof) in various settings; from your workplace and community to even among your own friends and family members. From all these experiences, one thing is clear; when there is a lack of good teamwork, everything is negatively affected, from the process to the result. However, when a team is in the “zone”, work can be encouraging, satisfying and fun.

Everyone benefits from good teamwork. Here are 5 actions you can take to foster teamwork and mutual collaboration with others:


Emphasize Clear Communication

Clear and concise communication is crucial to a well-functioning team. This definitely isn’t the place to hold convoluted conversations. In fact, the simpler it is, the better. When it comes to contributing ideas, everyone needs to understand that there really is no such thing as a bad idea. Building trust allows everyone on the team to feel appreciated and this, in turn, encourages them to put more effort into becoming an active member.


Don’t Let Conflicts Fester

 Like with any relationship, there’s bound to be disagreements on a team every once in a while. However, letting conflict escalate unchecked puts the emotional health of your team in danger. Do your best to resolve conflicts as soon as possible to prevent a team division. Rather than just hugging it out, there should also be measures put in place to ensure that team members really feel heard and understood.


The Review Process

Reviewing the team’s ideas and plans can make a huge difference. In fact, it helps to put both the bigger and smaller picture into a more precise focus and allow for adjustments to be made earlier on instead of later. Encourage members to play the role of ‘devil’s advocate’ and view the project from various angles. In doing so, everyone’s insight and ideas will be aligned and up-to-date with the team’s actual progression.


Have a Common Goal

Any great team will share a common goal. This is important to establish earlier on as it can become a matter of contention in the later stages if not seen to. Does everyone agree with how things are progressing? How does each member view his or her role on the team? Knowing exactly what you’re working on will bring your teamwork to the next level.


Celebrate Together

There’s always something to celebrate when things are progressing. If that’s really not your thing though, you can still show your appreciation by thanking everyone for their efforts (no matter how big or small). Once people feel noticed and acknowledged, they will be more willing to contribute actively to the team’s future success.

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Posted on Jan 30 2018

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