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Enjoy Your Honeymoon at These Amazing Destinations


With the conclusion of your wedding nuptials, it’s time to relax and unwind with your spouse. Whether you both have a love of beaches or intend to spend most of your time exploring the area’s food specialties, we’re sure you’ll be inspired by our honeymoon destinations choices down below:


Global Spots


This French Polynesian island is often overlooked in favor of Bora Bora, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the honeymoon destination for you. From the plane, you’ll probably be able to recognize it from its distinctive shape: the figure 8, indicating a separation between the Northern and Southern sections of the island. For a taste of French cuisine, warm waters, blue lagoons and majestic mountains, this should be added to your bucket list.



Unless you’re planning for a long honeymoon, you’ll probably want to get your itinerary in place before heading off to the City of Lights. This romantic destination is chocked full of sights, food, and history, so you’ll probably want to experience it all in your own way. If you haven’t yet visited their districts (or arrondissements), this is a good time to stretch your legs and go for a relaxing walk.



For an Asian destination, this Indonesian island is no stranger to mystical temples, volcanic mountains, tropical rainforest, as well as beautiful beaches and coral reefs. There’s something for everyone here. You can choose to relax and pamper yourself in one of their many luxury resorts or backpack around the island. Whichever your choice, you’re bound to fall in love with this laid-back destination.


Local Spots

Napa Valley

Nestled in California, this sun-drenched location is a must-visit for wine lovers. With gorgeous tiered-hillside resorts and beautiful sunsets all around, you’ll definitely get to enjoy yourselves in this scenic area. There’s plenty to see, do and experience here, and there really is every kind of pampering available: from golfing to spas and gourmet dining to wine sampling and vineyard tours.



Get ready for brilliant sunsets and plenty of natural surroundings during your stay here. As the oldest island in Hawaii, it’s very much protected and cared for, so you can expect a stellar presentation of beautiful beaches, well-maintained hiking trails, and the bluest skies just over your head. If you’re into outdoor activities (land or water), you’ll definitely have a whale of a time here on the Garden Island.

If you’re flying off for your honeymoon, you’ll want to focus on getting everything you need for your trip. One of the things you shouldn’t worry about is your transport to the airport. Instead of hailing a cab and trying to fit all your luggage into a smaller compartment, it’s best to enjoy your ride over with plenty of space. Our Los Angeles limousine service is just what you need in times like this. With our experienced chauffeur at the steering wheel, you can be assured of a safe and comfortable ride to and from the airport at any time.

Posted on Apr 17 2018

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