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Your Essential Guide to Planning an Awesome Company Retreat


A company retreat signals a time to get together and focus on motivational and team building activities. It’s also a great time to remind everyone about the direction of the company as well as strengthen and forge bonds before going back to work.

With all the planning and activities in the mix, you’ll want to have the hassle of transportation taken care of. Our Los Angeles limo service is bound to garner lots of satisfied smiles as we safely convey everyone to their intended destinations.

Since the retreat is going to be for the benefit of everyone, let’s take a look at a few things you can do to ensure the success of the trip.


Be Clear on the Goal

 Even if the retreat is mainly to have fun and relax with each other, you’ll still need to have a clear idea of exactly how to go about it. Because it’s during a limited amount of time in a specific location, there’ll definitely be certain things you would like to accomplish before everybody goes back to work as usual. Are you looking to have better teamwork? What is the main purpose of holding the retreat? With these questions in mind, you’ll be able to plan better and make the best use of this opportunity.


Save More by Negotiating

 If you’re not particularly good at negotiations, find someone who does and can help you. Whichever part of the company retreat is being handled, there’s always the opportunity for a discount. Most venues and travel agencies prefer a larger group as this translates to a larger revenue. This way, you’ll get to save money on certain aspects of the trip which you can then use for other activities or for future company retreats.


Prepare for All Types of Attendees

It’s pretty hard to plan an event that can get the full approval of everyone in the company. Introverts and extroverts can share similarities, but most introverts would prefer activities that do not involve large groups of people (especially people they are not familiar with). That doesn’t mean you can’t have activities that both types would prefer. Just keep in mind to include a nice balance of downtime and team activities to further encourage everyone to get to know one another.


Prep Before You Leave

It’s always good to get your activities and agenda ready when you’re going to be spending at least a whole day with the entire company. Research for a couple of good icebreakers to get the ball rolling and have everyone feeling more relaxed and open. Whether you choose to have some unscheduled downtime or a group activity outside, it’ll also be good to know the hotspots in the area you’ll be having your retreat.


Forget Ranks and Titles

 Ever felt nervous about talking to someone with more authority and power than you? Well, it’s pretty normal. Instead of emphasizing each other’s roles during the trip, it’ll be good to have at least a period where everyone is just engaged in activities and getting to know one another on a personal level. Not only will the atmosphere be less intimidating, but you might also discover things which would otherwise stay hidden if people were not willing to open up and share.

Posted on Oct 17 2017

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