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Exclusive Sedan Chauffeur Tips: Road Sharing and Avoiding Road Rage


Sadly, far too many people get involved with road rage situations and for some, things have turned deadly. Here is some advice from the reputable chauffeurs at Exclusive Sedan on following the rules of the road.

Over the past decade, road rage has become increasingly worse. However, according to reputable chauffeurs, there are ways of sharing driving space that can help prevent road rage from occurring.

  • Backing off – Remember that you cannot control the behavior of other drivers but you do have choices for how you respond to different situations. Therefore, if you get cut off, instead of becoming angry, flipping the bird, yelling, or taking offensive actions, take a deep breath and back off. Although this technique may seem simple, it can quickly diffuse a potentially dangerous situation. 

  • Driving Style – Every driver has a unique style of driving. Take the time to learn your style to determine if you have an aggressive nature. Remember, you might be the nicest person in the world, but once on the road, things can change. If you find that you tailgate, lay on the horn, change lanes often or too quickly, flash your headlights, or use hand gestures, then your behavior needs to change. This is not something that typically happens overnight, but with determination and practice, you can improve the way you share the road.

  • Better Planning – If you run late, then the chance of experiencing road rage increases as you try to push through dense traffic. With better planning, you will arrive on time and not find yourself in this type of situation. You could try using a mobile app to help you stay organized, set timers on your phone to remind you when to leave, and even move your alarm clock across the room so you can’t hit the snooze button in the morning.

If you tend to struggle with sharing the road, perhaps you should consider hiring a driver. Choosing a qualified driver who does follow the rules of the road will eliminate undue stress and get you to your destination in a safe manner.

Posted on Aug 12 2015

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