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Exclusive Sedan Gets You Through Security at the Airports


Who knows how much time to allow for airport security these days? Sometimes you are whisked through, while other times it seems to take hours. At some terminals, you can even hang on to your wallet instead of tossing it into the not-so-carefully-stacked plastic bins. Being a trusted traveler with a particular airline can help get you through more quickly at some terminals, but not at others. You may even have a drivers license check when you get to the gate for boarding.

We have learned over the last 10+ years that flying will never be as easy as it once was. And it's the price you pay for safety. Using a local limousine service like Exclusive Sedan to get to the airport will allow you the right amount of time that is normal for that particular location.

When it comes to security checkpoints, you may see everything from restricted fluid amounts, body scans and the ever-familiar removal of shoes. You will already have learned to adjust, if you fly a lot, and knowing the usual routine at any given airport will help you determine how much time to allow.

Sometimes you may fly through security, only to be asked for an ID at the gate. In some cases, it's not even matched to your boarding pass. The screeners may only want to see if you are carrying an ID with you. The various hold-ups don't always seem like they keep you any safer, but what are you going to do? Using a limousine service like Exclusive Sedan for ground transport between flights will allow you to spend the least amount of time in the terminal.

TSA may occasionally change their procedures, so that a routine isn't established, in case people are planning something. But on some occasions, the screeners don't even follow the rules of the agency, and this seems to defeat their purpose. Some locations have different screening practices than others, since the TSA may have determined that the procedures done locally are not sufficient.

Layers of security are supposed to keep passengers safer, and we understand that this is an essential part of air travel, but sometimes it's quite frustrating for the 99.9% of passengers who, like you, are just trying to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time. Exclusive Sedan drivers are familiar with the usual wait time, so that you can relax, until it's time to tackle the security checkpoints.

Randomness is also important in protecting travelers and airliners. There may be some things that have been missed by screeners in the past, and the attention to those will be increased, so that the threat is properly decreased.

Passengers like you have come to expect the random searches and ID checks that are in place at various airports around the country and around the world. It makes us safer, but sometimes it's quite a hassle just getting from one flight to another, and that's where Exclusive Sedan can help. The practices vary from one airport to the next, so it's best to be prepared for anything, before your flight takes off.

Posted on Dec 07 2012

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