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Exclusive Sedan Service Meeting Tips: How Google Uses Tech at Events


In the world of corporate events we are increasingly hearing about how technology is taking things to the next level – from bespoke event apps to event twitter feed; we have seen an explosion in technology enabled event interaction.

This post looks at how one of the masters of technology, Google, applied tech at the I/O annual developer conference recently.

Google Glass

Google Glass really is the right now. Innovative wearable computing offers a myriad of possibilities but until developed it’s, as recently described, “like a smart phone with no apps.” At I/O Google used them in a number of practical ways.

First, ticketing - Using Google Glass to recognize ticket codes by event staff was pretty cool. Event control and access is a really great way to create the reception that Google had sort –practical, yet innovative. Perhaps in the future we’ll see people at the entrance simply saying “O.K. Glass, buy tickets”…

The second, and perhaps more wide ranging use of Glass at events is livestreaming; Showing images from, or to, Glass. In the same way as we now share a webpage with our online community, a development is likely to be the sharing of the experience through Glass. Google demonstrated this with panache at I/O. More significantly, they announced the integration of YouTube into this. The result is, anyone with ‘partner status’ on the video sharing site will be able to live stream events. The possibilities for events reach, is we hope, obvious.

Livestreaming can also work the other way, if you want to know more about a stand or receive more information, Glass can stream it direct. This can make the whole process of conference attendance both more interactive and personal.

Data Mining Attendees Movements

Smart phones location devices don’t work well inside. Similarly, crowd control and management is a challenge for event mangers. At I/O Google demonstrated a tech-based solution incorporating over 500 sensors. These captured a whole host of data from temperature to motion, that they then processed in a nearby Lab. This allowed the potential for much improved management of people moving around the conference but has some controversial – and as yet unresolved – personal privacy issues.

Event planners may not be going for Glass based solutions today but the technology is bound to open up all sorts of possibilities for them in the next few years. Google showed at I/O how things can be different and, arguably, smarter. As always the challenge is incorporating tech solutions into event objectives to optimize attendee enjoyment and interaction. There is still some distance to go but the trend is probably more, smarter and interactive.

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Posted on Jun 07 2013

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