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Exclusive Sedan Service Meeting Tips: How to choose an event organizer


With so many event planners in the industry, many of whom are either too niche focused or just plain average, finding the right fit for your particular needs is harder than ever. As a ground transportation company we know quality event organization is often critical to our customers – therefore, we bring you these 5 insider tips to ensure you make the right choice, first time.

Can they help you?

Most companies employ professional event planners because they aren’t sure or don’t want the hassle of organizing the myriad of legal, contractual and logistical issues that are present. If a potential employer is not an absolute expert, who makes you feel at ease with the whole process; while removing the burden from you, they are probably not the right choice.

Compare Quality of Proposals

When event planners are providing you with a proposal, the mediocre ones will take a template and put your name at the top. This is not evidence of competence, or indeed that they have seriously considered the unique issues in your case. The good planners will carry out extensive research on your behalf and while not making final decisions, will present you with a proposal that allows you to make key decisions with the right information.

Ask for Recommendations

An excellent, experienced and competent event manager will have stacks of recommendations. They should be willing to show you pictures and provide you information about what the challenges were and how they fulfilled previous clients’ requirement. Then they must also be able to show you the actual recommendation and prove it is genuine.


After you have hired an event planner, you will be spending a lot of time with them. You really must get on with them and foresee that you could work together productively, or it is just a non-starter. Similarly, event planning is a high stress and demanding profession – they must drive a hard deal with vendors, keep many balls in the air at once and stay cool. You should make an assessment about the suitability of potential candidates’ personalities against these criteria.


There are many fees and financial matters to consider before you enter into a contract with an event organizer. Events are renowned for having unforeseen costs that appear at the last minute. A good candidate should make this process as transparent as possible. They should also give you a solid indication of how they have come up with their figures, if they can’t then you should not really be signing anything with them.

We can offer you one level of certainty in event planning; with Exclusive Sedan you will get exceptional ground transportation. We are a company that prides itself upon working with clients to deliver the optimal solution, whatever their needs. To achieve this we have highly trained, motivated staff, equipped with a fully-integrated, world class I.T. systems and an advanced and luxurious fleet. Call us today to see how we can exceed your expectations.

Posted on Jun 20 2013

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