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Exclusive Sedan Service's 6 Apps to Stay Productive While Traveling


Gone are the days where business travel means a few days without the office workload to burden us. Now we’ve got to do more with less time. Fortunately, over the ages technology has made our lives easier and more productive. Just like our predecessors, who found a better way of getting water than hauling it in a bucket for an hour a day from a well, we have so many technical means of being, and staying, more productive. There are so many in fact that we feel it’s time to give you a rundown of the best 6.

1. Bento

Bento is an app that, like it culinary relation, keeps everything in one place. It is the leading personal database app and allows you to keep track of contacts, track projects, plan events and make lists. It has a fun, intuitive interface and synchs with other devices.

2. Citrix GoToMyPC

You never need to worry about leaving something on your work computer and then loosing access while on the road with this app. It allows remote access through your iPad from any location. It is fast and, according to Citrix, secure.

3. iWork for iPad

This app allows you to access, read and edit files on your iPad. You won’t be as fast as on a desktop model but when you need to do something remotely this is one of the only options.  Get a keyboard if you’re likely to be doing this often.

4. Billings

Recording and tracking receipts for travelling freelancers can be a time consuming but necessary task. This app massively simplifies the process, just enter the price per hour and the app does the rest.

5. DocWallet

DocWallet is another app that enable transfer of data to a tablet. It is encrypted and allows you to store them in one place – the doc wallet.

6. Square Up App

For anyone needing to take payments on the road this app, combined with a card reader, allows billing through an iPad. It is similar to what you may have seen in an increasing number of small businesses and will link to the necessary accounts. It saves paper, time and makes the entire payment process slicker.

Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide is a business built on helping people to do more with their time. We specialize in ground transportation solutions that maximize our client’s productivity: whether it’s taking less time to get to your destination or having the perfect environment to achieve your final preparation, we seek to always keep you productive. We hope this quick rundown has given you an idea of what’s out there to help.


Posted on Aug 08 2013

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