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Exclusive Sedan Service Travel Tips: Ways to Kick Travel Fatigue


Travelling for business can be a killer: your daytime job keeps on going in the background and you must tackle a whole host of new issues in an alien environment. In this post you will find simple measures to take to get travel fatigue under control.

Don’t let problems become grudges

While you’re on the road you’re bound to have frustrations: perhaps you are on the red-eye out of LAX, or maybe your corporate travel manger has booked a hotel on the other side of the city. Don’t let such annoyances become grudges; they just suck energy out of you. You should be using this energy to achieve the goal of your trip, not chewing over something you don’t have any control over. Move on.

Monitor & moderate your caffeine intake

Coffee is great, not nearly as much would get done before 11AM without it, but it does affect your body. It lifts you up for a short time and then drops you back down, with force, right afterwards. This is not a drama if you have a few cups a day and a regular routine but if you take the largest coffee-to-go before you fly, 3 cups during your flight and then a quick espresso to sharpen you up just before your meeting, you will be a nervous wreck.

Hit the Road

Working out on the road is never easy but the importance of raising your metabolism cannot be understated. Once you have raised it, even by a 15 minute walk around the block, you will feel more awake for hours afterwards. It also helps to clear your mind and focus on the important things.

Get Up Earlier

How does less sleep make you feel more alert? Good question, by getting up early and taking light exercise and a balanced breakfast you’ll feel like a champ. A bit of protein and plenty of fluid to maintain hydration levels will set you up for success and shift those bags under your eyes before you meet any clients.

Escape when you need to

Clearing your mind by doing something totally different can really help to focus and even maintain energy levels. When you find attention starting to drift, stand up and do something else. Check out the latest fail videos on YouTube or smash something up in angry birds on your smart phone. The point is to briefly ease the mental workload to allow your brain to ‘catch a breath.’ Afterwards you’ll be able to devote your full attention again, even if you’re tired.

 Phone Home

While not always obvious, stress while travelling could be caused by the loss of intimate contact with family and friends. Chatting, even briefly, to your family is a great way to put your day in perspective and laughing with your best friend will release endorphins that are guaranteed to make you feel both happy and less tired.

Get Organized

By taking the extra minutes to organise your hotel room or check your daily program, you’ll relieve a lot of the subconscious stress that drags on you energy level throughout the day. This also means you can really rest when you have the time and not waste time thinking what you should be doing next.

Commute efficiently

The ground transportation phase of corporate travel should not be difficult, quite the reverse in fact, you should welcome the sight of your chauffeur.  It is great to know that as soon as you either step out of the door, or land that evening, someone has already taken the time to check the route, traffic and who will always wait in the event of a delay. In the LA area and worldwide, Exclusive Sedan Service Worldwide will take care of your every need and help you get needed rest and reduce your travel stress.

Posted on Apr 26 2013

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