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Exclusive Sedan Travel Tips: 8 Great Mobile Apps for Any Corporate Traveler


What are some of the greatest apps you have used while traveling? Corporate travelers always seem to be on the go and are moving from one place to the next with little time in-between. With this article you will be introduced to 8 great mobile apps for any Corporate Traveler. These applications can be used with your mobile phone or tablet and provide a multitude of information for things such as airline updates, reviews on restaurant and other great travel info.

1. Kayak

This is an app that can handle a lot of your travel needs. You are bale to use a number of travel sites to book flights, hotels and/or transportation. It also allows you to manage your travel itinerary and keep up do date on things such as check baggage fees and other airport info.

2. TripIt

This app is used to organize all of your different travel itineraries, so that you have just one schedule. You are able to gather your travel info from things such as emails from airlines, transportation, hotels and many more. You are also able to then share this itinerary with others. With this great app you are also able to book reservations for restaurants and/or get tickets for events.

3. GateGuru

This app you are able to access info on more then 120 airports. This also includes airports from Asia and Europe. You are able to see such things as info about other airport services and which amenities are included, also restaurants and drinks. It also includes reviews you can read, people’s opinions and photos loaded by other travelers. This app is also able to link up with other apps you may be using while traveling; such as Kayak and TripIt, Facebook and Twitter.

4. Yelp

This app allows you to search for local bars, restaurants, coffee/tea shops and other stores. It also gives you info such as pricing, ratings, and business contact info and store hours. This app is there to help you decide where to go next.

5. Evernote

This app is quick and easy to use for taking notes, recording audio and you are able to save photos and attachments. With corporate travel you are bond to need to take notes at either a meeting, business lunch or at a conference. You are able to customize your notes with tags, descriptions and titles, which allows for ease of searching through your notes. With this app you are able to then share you notes with other contacts and social networks.

6. SayHi

This app is a personal translator that offers 33 languages. This is not a free app like the others but it is priced well at $0.99. You are able to choose your primary language and you can speak or type a phrase into the app.  Then your translated phrase will be written out and spoken aloud. You have the option of either a female or male voice and the option of speed in which the translation is spoken aloud. You will then be able to save these items to a favorite’s page for easy access.

7. Tourist Eye

This app is for when you do have the extra time to go check out local attractions. It will give you the city’s highest rated attractions to visit along with itinerary planners and maps. The best part is the app wills till work if you have no internet or cell phone signal!

8. Lookout

Last but not least is security for your mobile or tablet. This app protects your phone from security threats. It scans all apps you are loading and updating as well as protects your files saved on your phone from unwanted visitors. The greatest feature of this app allows you to sound an alarm, track your device or wipe it clean of all data if you happen to loose your phone while traveling.

The best travel tool around, however, is Exclusive Sedan. Give us a call and we will make your trip, whether for business or pleasure, the easiest possible.

Posted on Jan 18 2013

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