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A safe traveler is an informed traveler. Business travelers in middle east countries must be aware that violence erupts anywhere without warning. Every person visiting an unfamiliar location must take some precautions when embarking on business travel. The U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Defense have specific recommendations for Americans traveling overseas. Here are Exclusive Sedan's top international travel safety tips:

Educate Yourself About the Hotel’s Security Requirements

Hotel chains operating in higher-risk areas of the world require every guest to undergo a background check prior to confirming the reservation. Upon arrival every guest is required to attend a training program emphasizing security awareness. When the hotel requires everyone staying at the facility to complete the training program, the hotel grounds are more secure for guests and employees alike. Corporations are doing business with hotels that emphasize security because of the benefit to their employees traveling abroad. The training includes terrorism awareness to inform travelers of what they are to do in the event of a terror attack while they are visiting. Loyalty to safe facilities is changing the reality for all travelers because the participating hotels are gaining popularity and growing because of their responsiveness to the need. Limo services will guide the business traveler to safe locations that actively secure their facilities.

Contact the Hotel Directly

Instead of relying on published travel information from an advertising release, the limo service will contact the hotel of choice to determine the specific security policies at the facility. The service will ask if the hotel has a dedicated security force, and will obtain a copy of their evacuation plan and look for the last time the plan was updated. Because of the employee turnover rate in the hospitality industry, the security plan must be updated every six months to maintain the appropriate level of training for the employees. The limo service employee will also determine if the security office is manned 24 hours every day. Even if security cameras cover the interior and exterior of the facility, there must be someone watching the cameras at all times for them to be an effective part of securing the facility.

Know the State Department’s Stance on the Location

The U.S. State Department maintains an active database of every location around the globe. Travel warnings are posted for anyone wishing to travel overseas. Every overseas traveler should register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The limo service will remind you to take this step and can aid in the process. Your travel destination will be entered and emergency contact information will be recorded. Travel warnings, updates, and alerts can be sent to your cell phone to keep you abreast of the situation while you are on the ground.

Update Cell Phone Contacts

One of the most important emergency numbers to have in your cell phone is the U.S. State Department toll free number – 1-888-407-4747. This number is reachable from anywhere on the globe. Your limo service contact will ask you to program your cell phone with this number. Take the time to make an easily-accessible entry that is close to the top of your contact list.

Carry Color Copies of Documents

Before leaving home make two color copies of the front and back sides of all important documents, including your: passport, driver’s license, and credit cards. Leave one copy with a trusted person at home. When you arrive, place one copy in the safe at your hotel. Your limo service contact will remind you to take this very important step to ensure you can obtain replacement documents if necessary. The U.S. Embassy located in your destination country is the first place to go if you lose documents while overseas.

Verify Medical Care Availability

Prior to departure, ensure that your health insurance provider will pay for your care while outside the borders of the United States. Employers will often purchase short-term international coverage for business travelers. Each policy is different so be informed about the coverage before you need it.

Be Aware of Local Laws

Freedom applies to the American within the boundaries of the Unites States only. Speech and decorum are scrutinized in other societies. A simple slip of the tongue in the wrong setting can ruin a trip. The U.S. State Department maintains official information concerning local customs and laws. Review these pages for each destination.

Verify Cell Phone Coverage

Your current cell phone plan may not cover your destination. Contact your provider to determine the best approach to obtaining coverage for the term of your trip. Every provider has different approaches.

Become Temporarily Bi-Lingual

Speaking English to someone in their country is interpreted as arrogant by most people around the world. Learn to speak some of the most common words of courtesy in the native language, such as: please, thank you, how much does this cost, and where is. People around the world are gracious to travelers who are unable to speak their language.

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Posted on Oct 12 2012

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