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Exclusive Sedan's Tips on How to Get More Space on a Plane


limo service, limousine service, sedan service , exclusive sedan service1. Become one of the elites

Frequent-flyers often get the better seats automatically. They achieve this through loyalty programs and air-miles schemes.  Better seats means: further forward; first off, by emergency exits; where you have more legroom, or aisle or window seats; with only one annoying neighbor, instead of two.

You can often get credit card linked air miles’ schemes. These allow you to earn miles while you spend and also entitle you to free gifts, like luxury baggage or first boarding privileges.

2. Find the best seats in the rear

Most passengers don’t want to sit in the rear of the plane; it just takes ages to get off.  This means the better aisle and window seats are easier to get hold of. Think for one second: is it more important that you are comfortable for the whole flight or that you get off 5 minutes earlier?

3. Get more space with a ‘customer of size’ deal

Many airlines insist that larger passengers buy two seats. If the flight is not sold out, on Southwest, you will get reimbursed for one of those seats. It is a risky. But, if you pick a less popular time, such as early in the morning, you are likely to get more space and only have to pay for one seat.

4. Take action early and stick with it

You should choose the best seat available when you buy your tickets; the earlier you do this the more likely you will get a good seat. By returning back to the airline’s site you may even be able to upgrade to a better seat. This is getting even easier with airline apps for your smart phone.

You are also well advised to check on the day that you fly. This is when, often desperate airlines, try to dump the more expensive seats that they have not been able to sell; this is almost always the case for international long-haul flights.

You may also get a good last-minute deal in the VIP club or at the airline kiosk.

5. Fly on the quiet days

The least busy days in the airline industry are: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  On these days you will find it much easier to get a better aisle or window seat and you are less likely to have an annoying neighbor.

6. Pay a small fee

Some airlines, like American, offer premium seat fees for as little as $4. This can often be more than worth while for the extra space and comfort if gives you.

At Exclusive Sedan Service, we will at least make sure that your arrival and departure is comfortable and spacious.  Give us a call today to book your sedan service or limousine service reservations.



Posted on Apr 11 2013

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